GN Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge for Sale

GN Oil Sludge Treatment System is to use chemical to wash the oil sludge  with heat to temperature of 60-70 C degree. After washing the oil sludge  is pumped to  GN separation equipment to separate into oil, water and solids. The recycled water can be reused in the washing process which save a lot of cost to reduce the consumption of clean water, and the oil is clean enough to sell to the refinery company, the solids contain oil between 2%-3% which can be sent to biodegradation or thermal unit for final disposal.

The main components for oil sludge treatment include slurry transfer pump, pre-mixing slurry tank, primary shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, 3 phase disc vertical centrifuge, chemical dosing system, storage oil tank , storage water tank.

  • Slurry Transfer Pump: The vacuum pump can be used to pick oil sludge from the pit and feed to the pre-mixing and heating tank. At this stage, chemical dosing system will feed chemical the mixing tank to improve the separation of the oil water and solids.
  • A submersible is used to pump the slurry to feed to primary shale shaker for separation of coarse solids from the oil sludge.
  • The screen on the shale shaker normally use 2 mm opening screen, after separation by shale shaker, a second pump which is a screw pump will pick up the fluids with fine solids and feed to the decanter centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge is the core equipment for the oil sludge treatment.
  • After decanter centrifuge, the relatively clean fluids will be sent to a 3 phase disc centrifuge to be separated to water, oil and fine slurry.
  • Later on, the water can be used to washing and mixing the slurry, the recovery oil will be sent to the oil storage tank.


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