GN Production Line for Drilling Mud Feed Pump

As a China leading manufacturer of mud cleaner, GN Solids America could offer several types from the feed pump for mud cleaner transferring. Under would be the GN’s production line.

GN mud cleaner is same design and style with Mission 25 series that could be applied in mud recycling method as transfer pump for hydrocyclone unit. By equipped with distinctive horse power electric motor, the capacity with the pump could be 200GPM to 1400GPM.

GN mud cleaner is structure of vertical and single stage single suction system overhung mud cleaner system, Throughout some HDD project, the mud cleaner is vertical located in the mud pit to transfer dirty mud towards the shale shaker within the system.

GN mud cleaner is coming from globe renowned brand Nestal,because it is usually a variety optimistic displacement machine,The stainless steel shaft ensure the lengthy lifetime on the system.

Mud cleaner system is constantly connected together with the mixing hopper which is made use of to reduce the large size drilling mud system chemical compounds or polymers that is made use of to keep the weight of the mud. GN impeller is created of higher wear resistance cast iron with lengthy service life.

Welcome to make contact with with GN Solids America to get a quote around the feed mud cleaner or other solids control equipment.

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