The most popular Vertical Cuttings Dryer model for Nigeria Customer

One of the most well known Vertical Cuttings Dryer model for Nigeria Customer
GN Solids Control upgraded 2nd generation model vertical cuttings dryer have two model: GNCD930C and GNCD930C-VFD. GNCD930C could be the base model, fixed speed Vertical dryer and GNCD930C-VFD is added 1 VFD control panel primarily based on the base model, to become variable speed. But as the speed of Vortex is 900rpm, not as well high, there is no major difference among GNCD930C and GNCD930C-VFD.

GNCD930C is the most common model for Nigeria customer. The majority of customer buys this model to have base requirement and save income. Vertical-G dryer can’t function separately, it have to have to operating with each other with Decanter centrifuge to get improved treating result. GN drilling Cuttings management system is standard instance on the best way to use GN vertical-G dryer and higher speed decanter centrifuge.

GNCD930C with updated parameters, important upgrade see below:

1) It added a air knife to clean the basket screen in the course of functioning to prevent hole blocking.
two) The oil lubrication cooling program tends to make the oil lubrication much more steady and appropriate temperature for bearing perform.
These two components make GN vertical cuttings dryer or GN vertical-G dryer or GN Vortex get a lot much better working efficiency in the course of real job.

GN Decanter Centrifuge with 3200rpm higher speed centrifuge GNLW363 series centrifuge is the most common centrifuge model for Nigeria consumer.  Several consumers get this centrifuge for solids manage & waste management service.
GN Solids America-Drilling Waste Management Company:
Gn Solids Conrrol and Cuttings Dryer for WBM and OBM:


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