GN Profile-Top Manufacture of Solids Control in China

Situated at the modern and advanced industrial area in the closest town from Beijing, Hebei GN solids control enjoys an advantageous location to attract clients visit GN factory and transport goods to the export port, normally Xingang, Tianjin. Complete road connections and strict and collective regulations are main features, also main advantages of industrial area. With around 10 years development, Hebei GN Solids Control has built a mid-high end market targeted brand GN SOLIDS CONTROL, producing and supplying complete line of solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment, and shaker screens.


GN main products for solids control equipment: shake shaker; vacuum degasser; desander; desilter; mud cleaner; and decanter centrifuges; mixing device such as mixing hopper, mud agitator and mud gun; auxiliary pumps to deliver mud to the treating machines; safety device such as mud gas separator and flare igniter. For the complete set of solids control system in oil and gas drilling; if drilling depth exceeds 3000 meters; safety device (mud gas separator and flare igniter) is required to separate the dangerous gas contained in the mud out of the well and lead to the igniter to be lighted 100 meter or more far from the drilling site, then a complete line of treating equipment listed in sequence as shale shaker; desander; desilter(sometime a mud cleaner with the combination of desander and desilter);decanter centrifuges. While for relatively simple mud system for other kinds of drilling such as Horizontal Direction Drilling, CBM drilling; geothermal drilling; tunneling, piling which requires not as strictly drilling mud as oil and gas drilling, there is almost no need of decanter centrifuges. Wasted mud from the well will reach to the standard for re-using after desander or desilter.


GN main products for drilling waste management included vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuges; also GN produce and supplies replaceable screens for other famous brand of shale shakers.

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