GN Series Desanding Plant

GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control and waste management manufacturer in China, its products serve not only for the oil and gas industries, but also for other drilling projects like HDD, TBM, CBM and Bored Piling works.

Years ago, for such drilling works like HDD, TBM, CBM and Piling, there are not so many strict restrictions for the environment protection, sometimes a single shale shaker is enough. But now, more and more rules for protecting the environment are established and the running cost of the project is more and more considered. That’s why many end users are buying desanding plant for their projects.


For such desanding plant and similar mud recycling systems or units, GN provide 2 optional configurations for the clients to choose per their jobsite condition and country’s rules:

1. economic solution: desanding plants with a compact mud unit with 2 steps separating equipments, the shale shaker and the hydrocyclones, the desander cones or desilter cones. In order to get a compact design, GN designed the desanding unit as one equipment on one tank, it is a double shaker desander, like GNZJ-705E-D2S. The lower layer of shaker uses coarse screens, for the first step separation, the liquid falls into the tank and pumped to the upper located hydrocyclones for second step separation.

2. higher standard solution, also called self contained mud recycling system. They have 3 steps of separation, including shale shaker, desander cones with underflow drying shaker, and desilter cones with underflow drying shaker, besides the separation equipments, this kind of mud systems also have a mud mixing unit including mud mixing hopper and centrifugal pump for mixing.

For both above mentioned 2 kinds of desanding plants, or mud recycling unit, GN has 3 main optional capacities for clients to choose from. In fact, those 3 capacities are most popular ones among all the requests in this industry. There are 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM mud systems.

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