GN Vertical Cutting Dryer and Drilling Waste Management System

To obey the strictenvironment rules, drilling waste in the gas and oil drilling isn’t permitted to release or landfill directly since it will serious pollute the land. So equipment for treating the drilling cutting waste before disposal is becoming a lot more important and vertical cutting dryer it’s typically the most popular and efficient machine to dry the cuttings to achieve the conventional for discharge. Easily the dryer could be in comparison to some laundry-drier. There’s a covered vertical rotating set up and you will see the flightsassembly and a stainless-steel basket screen having a void space backward and forward. The 3 are primary working areas of vertical cutting dryer. Once the rotating set up rotates inside a high accelerate to 900rpm, a powerful centrifuge pressure happens towards the “wet” cuttings trapped through the screen within the void space between it and also the bell cover. And also the fluids are going to be forced out with the mesh and flows out across the fluids discharge channels. As the solids bigger compared to mesh size is going to be blocked, and removed through the tilted plane tickets which rotates reduced compared to rotating set up. That’s the way the cuttings are dried.


drilling waste management system

drilling waste management system

Coupled with GN decanter centrifuge, an entire group of drilling waste management system is promoting and produced in GN factory. This technique includes:


One vertical cutting dryer-fixed speed or VFD driven


One decanter centrifuge-fixed speed or VFD driven


Two screw pump-one for eliminating vertical cutting dryer, one for feeding the decanter centrifuge


A cone collecting tank for fluids released from vertical cutting dryer


A skid to set up all of the equipment


Some electrical control system


Two telescopic skid with pathways and hand railing -one for that dryer, one for that centrifuge.


The benefits of this group of drilling waste management product is the fluids in the decanter centrifuge can flow in to the active or storage tank by gravity, but must lower the centrifuge and dryer when moved by truck, and there’s no space for storage for liquid in the centrifuge.

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