GN Shipped Three Pieces Sample Shaker Screen for an Indian Customer

It’s been an acknowledged truth that China is really a manufacture realm. Knowing this, I wish to let you know another generally recognized truth that Anping County may be the manufacture realm of screens. Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is really a top output of solids control system and equipment which certainly range from the first stage treatment equipment shale shaker. For any shale shaker, its dealing with effect large is dependent on screens placed on it. The standard of screens will decides to some extent from the shale shaker’s performance. GN Solids Control is the owner of a shaker screen manufacturing factory in Asian biggest wire mesh center city. GN Solids Control Company has adopted innovative technology to fabricate a myriad of shaker screens and may supply many a types of exchangeable shaker screens for a lot of brand shale shakers.


Last days, GN has shipped three pieces sample shaker screens for an Indian customer. This customer has demonstrated curiosity about GN shake screens. This time around, GN carefully and seriously manufactured three pieces sample screens with this customer. Once this customer is content using the sample, the desire lay a large order for shale shaker screens.


An important qualifying criterion is screen mesh. Thread is woven into cloth; similarly, metal wire may also be woven to produce a metal cloth. Mesh means the amount of holes in a single inch’s length. And, the bigger the amount is, the more compact solids can be taken off out. For several years, screen mesh has evolve in competitive screen manufacturing, adding to using thin but strong cloth to enhance screen’s service existence and conductance.


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