GN Drying Shaker System

Hebei GN Solids Control is really a top manufacturer in China of solids control equipment, the first API licensed in China. Lately, GN drying shaker system has finished its commission on the website. With qualified performance, GN drying shaker system is able to perform service.


As every customer requires, also as GN proposes, all items shipped from GN will first of all to experience a commissioning process before put in operation. For many simple trial test, specifically for standard and single equipment for example shake shaker, mud cleaner, and sand pump, clients could perform the commission on their own house and guidance of User Manuals. While for many solids control system for oil and gas drilling, mud system for HDD, tunneling or holing, it will be likely for additional complicated to complete the commissioning which often includes adjustment of PLC control system. The second type of commissioning requires proficient understanding on solids control equipment, as well as on electrical control system, as well as sufficient encounters will also be necessary for finish the commissioning. For the reason that situation, if clients don’t know how you can operate, they require GN solids control to dispatch engineers to assist them to do commissioning the very first time and train them how you can operate the entire system.


Besides supplying commissioning service, to guarantee the system created by GN solve customers’ problem, GN always asks clients to supply particulars regarding their working site location and designs. And GN designers will the mud system based on the information supplied by clients. And all sorts of equipment and hooking up parts are going to be easily assembled within the site based on the layout sketches. The greater information a person provides the greater smooth it might be when you are performing the commission. What GN does is to make sure that GN mud system could satisfy customer’s needs and succeed around the working site.

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