GN Solids America’s GNZCQ270A and GNZCQ360A vacuum degasser

In drilling mud purification process, the vacuum degasser is place behind the shale shaker and before desander hydrocyclone.  The purpose of this machinery, as the name suggest, is to remove the gas that is contain in the drilling mud so the ideal mud weight can pumped back to the drilling hole. By doing the removal of the gas in the drilling mud, it can also avoid the blowout of the mud as well.  Vacuum force created by vacuum degasser in regenerative vacuum with no need of centrifugal pump.  The step is act similar like an agitator before mud feeding to the desander hydrocyclone.  GN Solids America LLC offers 2 models of vacuum degasser, GNZCQ270A and GNZCQ360A.  The treat capacity is 1188 GPM and 1584 GPM and main motor HP is 30 and 37. There are some notes for use vacuum degasser:vacuum degasser 2


l   Vacuum degasser need to make drilling mud discharge into mud tank in downstream and the pipe make the mud gas discharge up to the surface of the mud.

l   The output of the vacuum degasser is greater than capacity of the mud tank

l   The end of exhaust pipe is needed to be far away from the oil well.  The valve should be placed on the exhaust pipe and separated branches so the gas will always lighted away from the well.

l   For the function serve well on vacuum degasser, the end of suction pipe need to immersed in the drilling mud

l    Open the ball valve of vacuum pump feed line before start the vacuum degasser. Unscrew the plug of gas liquid separator, filling water, stop filling water when the water overflow, and then screw on plug. At last, turn the coupling by hand or pipe wrench, to ensure there have no stuck phenomenon or other damages.

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