GN’s Decanter Centrifuge Completing the Commissioning in West Africa

GN’s engineer just finished the commissioning in West Africa for 4 models GNLW363 centrifuge. Aside from the centrifuge, this customer also purchased the screw feeding pump and screw conveyor from GN Solids Control.

All the majority of the nation’s inside the territory of West Africa or close to the Gulf of Guinea has wealthy oil reserves. It’s proven the oil reserves at gulf of Guinea store more than 80 billion BBL, which makes up about 10% from the world’s total reserves. In past many years, a sizable percent from the world’s oil production increase goes to Africa.

GN solids control has built connection with many oil industry clients from the West Africa nations. A few of the clients already placed to GN even repeated orders.

Programs of GN Decanter Centrifuge

GN’s decanter centrifuge can be utilized for various programs, from primary solids control system barite recovery to ultra-fine solids separation to drilling waste cuttings management, then to dewatering unit system. Barite recover always require a centrifuge with Revolutions per minute 1600 to 2000, GN includes a type of GNLW452 is particularly for solids control barite recovery. A few of the drilling companies would also equip one unit high-speed centrifuge following the GNLW452 for ultra-fine solids control separation.

GN can supply centrifuge with fixed speed control panel and VFD control panel. Much like this West Africa customer, they bought GNLW363G-VFD for their waste cuttings management. GN’s VFD control panel for centrifuge might be designed as 3 various wavelengths for primary and back drive on centrifuge, and also the third VFD is perfect for the feeding pump. Using the VFD control panel, GN’s biggest type of centrifuge GNLW553 would be utilized for dewatering centrifuge for waster base drilling liquids colloidal size contaminants separation. By utilizing VFD panel, the consumer could adjust the feeding rate and Revolutions per minute based on specified slurry material and dealing conditions. Evaluating using the fixed speed model, the VFD model includes a more wide application.

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