The Most Popular Piling Desander GND120 and GND240

As an experienced solids control supplier, we start building desander/ desanding plant for piling projects from 2010. We learn from our own experience on fabricating HDD compact mud systems, also learn from competitors, as we always do, learn and observe all other one’s advantages and apply to our own equipment.

This GND120 & GND240 contains 1 double deck shaker GNZS705, c/w different mesh screens for the scalping and desanding deck, c/w 1 or 2 desander cones, which feed by the centrifugal pump lay on the bottom artistically; the pump also feeding the mud gun for mixing and mud transferring. The small sloppy tank, with V bottom, temporary storage for mud transferring and also well balanced for all the equipment.

For the GNZS705 shaker, recently, we are using GNZS705E, which is the updated 5th generation shaker, we keep updating on all the models, to make it more and more perfect, improving all the small details. This philosophy is same as some Japan companies; keep improvement, small step by small step. Then upto a fantastic place.

Drilling mud is needed throughout bored pile drilling operation; with same operate as oil drilling. To use the clay in a very high potency, decrease the consume of drilling fluid material and lower price of disposal of drilling fluid, desanding plant is important. GN Solids Co., Ltd is skilled manufacturer for desanding plant. GN Solids provide totally different model like GND-50, GND-120 and GND-240.

Below is a picture shared by client from piling site:


A link of GND120 to Singapore FYI.

RFQ: As another sort of ferroconcrete pile, bored pile is employed to support high building manufacturing significant vertical hundreds. Bored pile may be a forged in situ concrete pile wherever the bored piles have to be compelled to be sew the development web site, whereas different concrete piles like spum pile and ferroconcrete sq. Pile square measure formed concrete piles. Bored pile is forged by exploitation bored pile machine that has specially designed drilling tools, bored pile oilrig and desanding plant for bored pile oilrig, it’s accustomed take away the soil and rock.

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