How to order the right screens for shale shakers

There are many different types of shale shaker models. Every shaker has its own design for shale shaker screens. Even for the same shale shaker brand, they may have different screen design for different serial shale shakers. And the screens are not interchangeable in most cases. How to ensure that you order the right screens for your shale shaker?

1) Firstly, you have to ensure your shale shaker screens are hook type or frame type. Like all Derrick shale shaker screens are hook type. While Mi-Swaco, NOV Brandt and Fluids System shale shaker screens are frame type. For the popular shale shaker models, once you mentioned your shale shaker model, the screen supplier should know what is the right replacement screens for your shale shaker, like for Derrick FLC serials shale shaker, MI-Swaco Mongoose serials shakers, Brandt Cobra shakers, GNZS594 shakers.

2) Secondly, there are flat type screens and Pyramid screens. Pyramid screen is an old fashion. During that time, the manufacturing technology is very limited. So people been told that the Pyramid screens can offer more usable screen areas. So in many case, Pyramid seems popular. But actually, the pyramid screen lifetime is normally not as reliable as flat screen. And in fact, mostly the drilling fluids cannot go up to the top of the screen pyramid. So PMD screens cannot enlarge much screen usable areas. Now with the development of screen manufacturing technology, the composite flat screen can offer a bigger usable screen area compared with the old processing.

3) After you confirm which screen models you need for your shale shaker, it means the screen dimension are confirmed. It ensures the screens can fix for your shale shaker. Then you have to choose the right screen opening for your applications. API size is the most popular and the international standard to definite screen opening. For different screen manufacturers, the same API size screen means the same screen opening range, it is interchangeable.
Sometimes, people may mention mesh size for screen, But it is not actual. Mesh relates to a piece of woven wirecloth, is a measure of the number of holes in a linear inch (such as 100 mesh) or in a linear inch in each direction (such as 100 x 60 mesh). It has no meaning to the screen openings.

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