Dual voltage drill mud treatment equipment

Many customers are interested in dual voltage equipment, they prefer dual voltage mud agitator, dual voltage shale shaker, dual voltage decanter centrifuge, dual voltage sand pump, dual voltage slurry pump. And dual voltage motor starters. In this case, they can use the same equipment for different power system project in case they need it.

Mostly in China the solids Control and drilling waste management equipment are designed for single voltage power system. As the dual voltage motor is not popular in China. Few companies can make dual voltage motors. It is hardly to find the reliable suppliers. There are some European and U.S brand offers dual voltages motors, but price is much higher. Normally, it is 2 or 3 times higher than the normal Chinese brand single voltage motors. It will be more cost effective for clients to buy another set of motors as backup.

decanter centrifuge and shale shaker 

If clients really want the equipment suit for dual voltage and suits for both 50hz and 60hz power system, GN Solids Control will recommend them to buy equipment per 60hz power system. In case they use the 60hz motor in 50hz power system, like for both 460V/60HZ and 380V/50HZ. The equipment rotating speed will be lower from 60hz to 50hz. Theoretically the lifetime of the 60hz motor running at 50hz will a little bit shorten the lifetime. But it will not shorten much. Compared with the big price margin on dual voltage motors, it is much more cost effective.

But the 50hz motor equipment is forbidden to use for 60hz system to avoid over speed and damage the equipment, or to cause dangerous.

For motor starter (electrical control panel), it is not problem to make it for dual voltage, like to suit for both 460V/60HZ and 380V/50HZ . The control panel will suit for both 50hz / 60hz. So you can use the agitator for 380V/50HZ. There will be a transformer on the control panel. And there will be a switch on the panel. Operators will shift the control between 50hz and 60hz by moving the switches.

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