Impact of Drilling Solids And How to Remove Drill Solids

Generally speaking, oil, water or synthetic liquids are used as the base liquid to composed drilling fluids with drill solids added which are the main parts of drilling fluids.  Therefore, as the significant and indispensible part of a complete drilling activity, how to control the drill solids largely decides the drilling cost, drilling efficiency and drilling results.  If the drill solids are well controlled in accordance with the requirements made out before drilling on the base of surveys and analysis, there will be many a benefits to the drilling capacity which are listed as below.

Good solids control will increase penetration rate and pump efficiency, reduce water volume, mixing problems, differential sticking, hole drag and torque , thus reducing the cost to prepare mud, maintain pump, dispose waste, also being helpful to environmental protection. While bad solids control could lead to stuck pipe, drilling rate reducing, poor cement jobs bit life reducing and increase chemical consumption, formation damage, equipment wear and tear.solids control system


Normally there are three ways to control drill solids dilution, mechanical removal and gravity setting. Regarding to the dilution solution, oil or waster is used to diluter the oil mud or waste mud continuously or periodically. Gravity setting means to built a shallow earthen pit to allow the solids setting out and circulation. As its name implies, mechanical removal is to control drill solids with mechanical equipment, that being the main focus of Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd who is the top manufacturer of solids control equipment to control drill solids. Hebei GN Solids Control has always been leading the technology in China, and has been proud to occupy the largest portion among all China’s supplier of solids control equipment in international marker and has already exported to over 60 cuntries.

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