Main Parameters for Picking out a Drilling Mud System

Basic parameter of drilling rigs is important for displaying the functioning capability of a rig, it’s standard grounding for designing and deciding upon a suitable drilling rig. Such parameters incorporate following info: key parameter of Drilling Mud System, lifting method parameter, rotating technique parameter and recycling method parameter. Later we mostly speak about principal parameter of drilling rigs. GN Solids Handle make Drilling Mud System for full capacity range of rigs.
A Drilling Mud System’s key parameter is general requirement for defining the rig. Other parameters rely on it. The definition of principal parameter is ruled by national drilling rig standard, currently the recognized primary parameters are as following:
1. Maximum well depth. The maximum nicely depth signifies the deepest drilling depth with appointed drilling tool, which is often defined as a combination of rated dimensioned drilling tools. For instance, I-130 drilling rig’s max depth is 3000m, with 5 1/2 inch drilling pipe. US I320 and Chinese ZJ45 drilling rigs all regard max well depth as major parameter of rigs.
two. Maximum lifting load. This data suggests the maximum static loading of hook. F320 Drilling Mud System from Romania regard this parameter as main.
three. Rated drill column weight. Now this parameter is no longer utilised, they all changed into maximum nicely depth.
four. General Power of Drilling Mud System. Common energy is all three key working systems’ and auxiliary equipments’ total energy, for ensuring the energy consumption for the duration of work.
Per the distinctive parameter value, drilling rigs are divided into different capacities. Offered above parameters, GN Solids Control could design and style certain solids handle systems for them. Now GN has offered to several globe well identified drilling businesses with ideal Drilling Mud System.

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