mud agitator manufacturer STRUCTURE and MAIN PARTS refer to gnsolidsamerica

mud agitator manufacturer STRUCTURE and MAIN PARTS
Refer the drawing below to find more details of the structure.
The main parts is: main vessel, pipeline for mud and gas, structural basement, pressure gauge valves and adapters and so on.
Manhole is on the vessel, for maintaining or repairing.
1 Main vessel GNZYQ1000-01 1
2 Valve 16DN250DD3 1
3 Nipple DN250DC-00 1
4 Bolts 8
5 Nipple DN100DC-00 1
6 Valve 16DN100DDB 1
7 Bolts 8
8 Elbow GNZYQ1000-02 1
9 Seal DN200PN10 1
10 Bolts 16
11 Nipple DN200DC-00 1
12 Bolts M24x300 4
13 Pressure gauge YLB100 1
Poor boy degasser structure
1)Lifting, Transportation, Assembling
When lifting, keep the main vessel straight and vertical, keep slowly moving.
When transporting, it can be horizontal lying, while have to keep the two legs of the vessel supporting the other side, while one side is the base structure.
Usually the poor boy Degasser should be mounted beside the mud tank, under the basement, should be firm and strong, foundation bolt is used to keep the safety, as drawing below.
1、Poorboy degasser base 2、Foundation bolt 3、Concrete ground
When assembling, the crane lift the degasser up, slowly and straight to the concrete ground, use wire rope from three direction to keep it firm steady, ensure the main vessel vertically stand, then strength the foundation bolt.
2)Preparation before Operating
When it is well assembled, properly arrange the vent line, usually prepared by client. Connect the inlet with BOP or choke manifold. Close the dump valve, open the outlet valve and connect with the shaker or the mud tank.
3) Movement
Before move the degasser pls click to know, dissemble the pipeline first, then release the wire rope, lift from the top by crane, loose the foundation bolt. gnsolidsamerica is the author of the article,pls refer Mud Agitator to know more

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