Mud cleaner for U S Market

One mud cleaner unit is purchase by the native US solids control company. Custom will apply this equipment for separating particle. According to customers’ feedback, they are pretty satisfied with our unit performance and completely meet his requirement. Our fast delivery time and quickly response give our client confidence to purchase the unit. There is no doubt that US market will be the huge potential market for GN solids control unit

Features of GN mud cleaner

1.10 inch vortex cones will handle a range from 100 microns particles to 40 microns particle, 90% solids will be kick out from the de sander conesMud Cleaner

2.4 inch vortex cones focus on the 40 microns to 20 microns solids without ball valve.

3.Both of cones are 100% PU material assure the cones long life service and stable working condition

4.Shale shaker and shaker screen ultimately separate the solids from de sander and de silter

5.We could provide the fast service and technical support for the America market as we have the branch in Houston

Stay with GN gives your best solution

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