Oil Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment for Russia market

This week, GN Solids Control delivered two sets of drilling mud solids control was dispatch to a Russia client. The equipment will be used for projects in Russia to recover drilling fluid from oil and gas drilling activities. Considering the weather, the equipment and all components are designed for lower temperature areas.

Drilling mud solids control equipment together with drilling cuttings waste management system is an important closed-loop mud system, it can recover more valuable drilling fluid and reduce waste discharge. Reduce drilling costs and protect the environment.

GN Solids control can not only provide single processing equipment, but also provide full package drilling cuttings processing systems with turn-key solution, including different types of equipment. Vertical drilling cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge are the key equipment of drilling cuttings treatment system.

For oil based drilling cuttings, the vertical drying device is an ideal equipment for separating drilling fluid and cuttings. The drying device receives cuttings discharged from the solid control shale shaker and runs at a speed of 900 rpm to effectively reduce the oil on the cuttings to 3% ~ 5% or less. We use a high hardness scraper to push the separated cuttings off the screen. The high quality scraper ensures the stable performance of the VG dryer and low maintenance cost.

Fine particles flow out of the vertical cuttings dryer through the screen hole and enter the buffer tank. The waste decanter centrifuge is used for further separation and treatment of the effluent from the dryer. We recommend the use of ultra-wear-resistant NEMO pump to transport the mud from the buffer tank to the centrifuge for fine particle separation. The centrifuge operates at a speed of 3200 rpm to produce a separation coefficient of 2062g, under which fine particles the size of 2 microns will be removed. After being treated by decanter centrifuge, the drilling fluid can be reused.

GN Solids Control can provide fixed speed or VFD frequency control mode of vertical drilling cuttings dryer and centrifuge. Customers can find almost all the equipment used for cuttings treatment from the crown energy product list. Sludge vacuum pump and screw conveyer for cuttings transportation, vertical dryer and high G drying screen for cuttings dewatering, and high speed centrifuge for fine cuttings separation.
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