Mud Gas Separator for solids control equipment

Mud Gas Separator is a safety device for oil and gas drilling mud system. It is not always used during running. But it is a must be equipment for safety operation. GN Solids Control makes 40 inch mud gas separation and 42 inch mud gas separation.

Application & Features of GN Mud Gas Separator

GN Mud Gas Separator is located after BOP choke manifolds, and before the drilling mud solids control system. Mud gas separation is normally uased after the BOP and choke manifolds, in order to continue drilling in underbalanced conditions where dramatic pressure surges are normal. The mud gas separation is always used comply with an igniter device to fire the harmful gas. GN Solids Control makes automatic igniter device as well.

The working principle of GN Mud Gas Separator
In dangerous “Kick” conditions, the mud gas separator allows operators to control and reuse the drilling fluid by removing most percentage of gas. The gas-cut drilling mud enters the flow line of the mud gas separator, where it hits a series of baffle plates. These baffles provide the surface area used to decompose the gas cutting mud. The mud is sent to the solids control shale shaker for further treatment, while the separated gas travels to the vent line at the top of the mud gas separator to maintain a safe distance from the rig and rig personnel. And flow to an igniter to fire the harmful gas at the remote area. The pipelines between mud gas separator and igniter device can up to max. 50 meters.

Basic Parameters of Mud Gas Separator
GN Solids Control has a standard Model Mud Gas Separator: GNZYQ1000A for 40 inch diameter, and GNZYQ1200A for 42 inch diameter mud gas separators. GN Solids Control can also make smaller size like 36 inch diameter. For other models of mud gas separator, please contact GN Solids Control sales team.
Maximum Mud Injection Rate (Liquid Handling Capacity) varies from 200 – 380m3/h (880 GPM ~ 1672 GPM).
Maximum Allowable Kill Rate (through MGS) is 90%.
Maximum Allowable Gas Flowrate (Vent Line) is 3900 M3/HR.
Design pressure of GN Mud Gas Separator is 1.6 Mpa. Maximum Allowable MGS Pressure (Mud Seal) LESS THAN 100PSI.

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