Oil water separator decanter centrifuge and disc centrifuge

GN Solids Control is a professional centrifuge manufacturer, who is focusing on drilling mud decanter centrifuge separator, drilling waste management dewatering centrifuge, as well as various sizes of industry centrifugal separators.

Even for the same model centrifuge separator, if the treating material and the separation demands are different, there many be some small modifications on the bowl and discharge design. Hence, in order to get the most suitable centrifuge model to suit for their applications, clients should contact GN Solids Control sales engineer, to communicate the project situation and their technical demands, and then GN Solids sales engineer will recommend them the suitable centrifuge design.


For example, a client said they are looking for centrifuge separators for oily sludge treatment. Say the liquid treatment which contains on 90% water and 5% oil and 5% Solids / soil. Although the 5% solids content is mot much high, we also must to make sure that what is the max. Solids size of the 5% solids content.

The reason is that, for 2-phase decanter centrifuge, 3-phase decanter centrifuge, and disc centrifuge, the max. Solids size and solids content various much. And all centrifuge separator cannot allow big particle, it is better less than 10mm, and better no more than 15mm, no matter how less the solids content. Otherwise, other separators must be used for feeding into centrifuge.
1. 2-phase decanter centrifuge.
It is a liquid and solids separator which the most popular centrifuge model used in oil and gas mud system for low gravity and high gravity solids separation. It requests Feed Material with Solids Less 10% and Particle Size less than 2mm. It can be used before 3-phase centrifuge to reduce the mud weight, and help to improve the 3-phase centrifuge efficiency. Shale shaker is normally used before 2-phase decanter centrifuge to reduce the mud weight and remove the bigger particles.
2. Disc centrifuge is for 3 phase separation.
Disc centrifuge can get clear water, oil and dryer soil. But is has strictly requests on the feeding slurry. The requested Feed Material must be with Solids ≤ 3%. It is not suit for the application.
3. 3-Phase Decanter centrifuge.
3-Phase Decanter centrifuge requests Feed Material with Solids Less 10% and Particle Size less than 2mm.

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