Shale Shaker

A drilling mud shale shaker is a critical piece of equipment used in the process of drilling for oil and gas. It is part of the solids control system, which is designed to remove solid particles from the drilling fluid or mud. The shale shaker works by vibrating the screen or mesh, allowing liquid to pass through while separating and removing larger particles. During the drilling process, a mixture of water, clay, and various chemicals known as drilling mud is circulated down the drill string and back up to the surface. As the drilling mud returns to the surface, it carries with it cuttings and other solid particles. The shale shaker is employed to separate these solid particles from the mud. The shale shaker utilizes a series of vibrating screens or mesh to separate the solids from the liquid. The screens are designed with different-sized openings to allow for the classification of particles based on their size. The shale shaker vibrates, causing the drilling mud to pass through the screens. The vibrating motion helps to convey the cuttings off the screens and prevents them from clogging. The separated solids are collected and typically discharged into a waste pit or container for further disposal. The use of a shale shaker is essential in maintaining the properties of the drilling mud, ensuring it remains effective in the drilling process. Solids control is crucial for drilling efficiency, equipment protection, and environmental compliance. As it assist with waste management and it is the first and upmost important process for the solids control. A shale shaker can determine the result of your whole mud cycle process. It is like a great start, that will lead a great process. Unlikely if you have a bad start then you will struggle later on. It is how crucial it is have the knowledge of the shale shaker. The right set of screens and the angels are all little details that make a huge difference in your process of solids control. At GN our shakers are well respected and used by great number of valued clients, with really important projects around the world. That is how we make a difference in your process and how we develop and keep up to date technology in our shale shakers.