Shale Shaker

The recovery of drilling fluids using a shale shaker is a crucial process in the drilling industry, particularly in the context of drilling for oil and gas in shale formations. Shale shakers are a type of equipment used in the solids control system to remove large solids and cuttings from the drilling fluid, also known as mud. The recovery of fluids involves separating the drilling fluid from the drilled cuttings, allowing the fluid to be reused in the drilling process. Our GN shale shakers are build with best techniques and user friendly. Such as our prementioned composite frame screen with gear unit for fast screen change and longer screen life. Also our shakers are deigned and heat treated to with hold G force up to 8.0 G. One of most unique feature is our patent shaker screen seal technology for avoiding fine solids bypass and to have easy maintenance. At GN we use Italy OLI or US Martin brand vibration motors. GN control panel is used from the best of components in the market, such as Siemens or Schneider. Here is how a shaker works or processes the material. The drilling process, drilling fluid is circulated down the drill pipe and back up to the surface. This fluid serves various purposes, including cooling the drill bit, carrying away cuttings, and providing stability to the wellbore. The drilling fluid, after carrying cuttings up to the surface, contains a mixture of liquids and solids. The solids control system, which includes the shale shaker, is employed to separate the cuttings from the drilling fluid. The shale shaker is a vibrating screen that uses a series of mesh screens to separate the larger cuttings from the drilling fluid. As the fluid and cuttings mixture is fed onto the shaker screen, the vibration separates the cuttings, allowing the drilling fluid to pass through the screens. The separated drilling fluid, now free from larger solids, is collected in a tank beneath the shale shaker. This recovered fluid can then be sent back into the drilling process, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. The cuttings, once separated from the drilling fluid, are typically collected and transported for disposal. Proper disposal methods are important to comply with environmental regulations. Efficient fluids recovery with shale shakers is essential for maintaining drilling operations, reducing costs associated with drilling fluid management, and minimizing environmental impact through responsible waste disposal practices. It’s worth noting that the specifics of the process can vary depending on the type of shale shaker and the characteristics of the drilling operation.