Stack Sizer Vibrating Screen

A stack sizer vibrating screen is a type of vibrating screen used in mineral processing operations for fine particle separation. It typically consists of multiple decks or layers of screens stacked on top of each other. Each deck contains a series of closely spaced parallel screen panels with apertures of progressively smaller sizes from the top deck to the bottom deck. The screens are vibrated in such a way that particles smaller than the aperture size pass through the screen, while larger particles are retained and conveyed along the screen surface for further processing or discharge. The key features and advantages of a stack sizer vibrating screen include, stack sizer screens are designed to provide high separation efficiency, particularly for fine particles. The multiple deck configuration and progressive aperture sizes allow for effective classification and dewatering of particles. Compact Design: Despite having multiple decks, stack sizer screens typically have a compact footprint compared to traditional vibrating screens, making them suitable for installations where space is limited. High Capacity: Stack sizer screens can handle high capacities of material due to their efficient design and screening mechanism. They are capable of processing large volumes of feed material while maintaining good separation efficiency. Customization: Stack sizer screens can be customized to suit specific application requirements, including deck configurations, screen panel materials, and vibration characteristics, allowing for flexibility in operation. Improved Dewatering: The stack sizer design often incorporates dewatering capabilities, helping to remove moisture from the processed material and produce a drier product .Reduced Energy Consumption: Compared to traditional vibrating screens, stack sizer screens may consume less energy due to their efficient design and operation. Overall, stack sizer vibrating screens offer a reliable and efficient solution for fine particle separation and classification in mineral processing operations, contributing to improved process performance and product quality. GN vibrating screen has a unique vibration mode, energy saving, high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, advanced technology, simple structure, stable and reliable operation. It is currently on of the most advanced equipment in the field of fine-grained material screening. GN stack vibrating screen adopts polyurethane screen mesh, with high opening rate of (28-45%), which gives it the life span of more than six months. It is a self-developed product of GN Company.