The Differences Between Centrifuge and Pressing Filter

GN Decanter Centrifuges tend to be effectively used in OBM and also WBM separating. Now a lot more than sixty countries are using GN decanter centrifuges to treat the actual oil sludge. For the tool cuttings management, there are several various ways. Decanter centrifuge and pushing filter are two kinetic ways to treat the OBM, WBM or SBM.
Because of the working principle of GN decanter centrifuge and important filter is not the same, there are several main differences between them.
1 ) GN decanter centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuge is using the law of gravity difference to separate solids with assorted sizes. The rotating dish and screw propeller run with different speed. When water sent into the decanter centrifuge, solids and liquid is going to be separated around the circle in the inside rotating bowl. Is considered obviously to know that bigger solids has larger centrifugal force will help to push all of them from the solids discharge slot and from mud pastry.
GN decanter centrifuges are incredibly easy to operate and near maintenance. The rotating jar and screw propeller are choosing excellent materials for use resistance. GN also use tungsten carbide tiles to protect mess propeller, which also very simple change. At the beginning of this year, GN Solids Control provided around 30 sets decanter centrifuges to one oil service company within Africa. Now they are working obviously.

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2 . Press Filter
Hit filter is another mechanical approach to separate solids. It typically takes large room. Some specific filtering materials are used to independent the solids by applying with various pressure. Those filter music need to be cleaned with high force water frequently in order to have the separating performance. From the functioning cost, GN decanter centrifuges are more cost effective than media filter because the filter had to be cleaned by several labors.
Now GN decanter centrifuge and cuttings dyer plus the solidification unit are very well-liked in drilling waste management, waste water cleaning and so on GN solids control and also drilling waste management techniques are also used in some other areas.

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