GN vertical cuttings dryer with regard to drilling cuttings treatment

GN Solids Control is primary manufacturer for Vertical cuttings dryer ( Verti-G dryer) & decanter centrifuges, that are key equipment for solids control & drilling cuttings treatment. Up to now from this, we already exported above 300 sets centrifuges and 50 sets vertical cuttings dryer to international essential oil drilling field and home-based drilling companies. The high quality performance and reasonable price tag win good reputation intended for GN Solids Control.

Not long ago, our after sales team simply come back from an Africa Going Company rigsite. ( Most of us call it ADC with this chapter). ADC is a going company with 7 territory drilling rigs and all the particular rigs is under going process. From 2013, ADC contact our company and go to our factory (location is near Beijing) many times. After that, ADC issue many big instructions to us, totally like:
Verti-G dryer
1) 5 sets Verti-G dryer for drilling cuttings treatment, attached with:
your five sets high skid to put in the vertical cuttings dryer,
5 sets screw pump for flushing the Verti-G dryer,
15 sets twist conveyor to transfer going cuttings for feeding as well as for discharge.
5 pieces one year recommended spare parts.
2) 14 sets decanter centrifuge for drilling mud solids control, attached with:
36 sets screw pump regarding feeding decanter centrifuge
18 sets one year recommended replacement components.
3) 1000pcs replacement shale shaker screen for Derrick shale shaker / MI-Swaco mongoose shale shaker.
Formerly, ADC rent centrifuge service or Verti-G dryer service through Third Party Service Company. To reduce in the long run production cost, they tend to buy equipment from people and use their own reduce weight do the job well. As they hold the equipment, the use time is quite a bit flexible and surely, the complete cost in long term is significantly lower that rental services.
GN Solids Control is usually China No . 1 model solids control equipment company. We only top upon high quality equipment with realistic price. With many years expertise, the performance of GN products is almost same as ALL OF US products. Meanwhile, we offer assured after sales service to educate the buyer engineers, to make sure the tools correct operation.

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