Vertical cuttings dryer and centrifuge system for oil base mud cuttings

Recently, a full set of vertical cuttings dryer system is finished and under running testing. After running test in the factory, the system will be packed and shipped to a Chinese domestic market to treat oil base mud and cuttings.

GN Solids Control is specialized in drilling waste management equipment. All GN drilling waste management equipment are specially design with higher material standard for anti-abrasive and reliable servicers. GN cost higher than other solids control companies, so GN equipment price is higher than other Chinese suppliers, who mostly used the same standard solids control equipment for waste management.

The system the client choosing is GN portable1-skid cuttings drying system for oil based mud and cuttings. The system can be used on rig site or off rig site.

GN 1-skid vertical cuttings dryer system includes below processing units:
1) A set of vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930C is used to dry the cuttings. The vertical cuttings dryer is complete with flush screw pump and telescopic skid. After the VG dryer separation, the oil on cuttings can be reduced to 5% less.
2) A set of decanter centrifuge unit. It is complete with screw feeding pump and a small holding tank. The decanter centrifuge can remove ultrafine solids less than 2 ~ 5 microns.

The flow line processing line of the vertical cuttings dryer unit is normally as below:
1) While the cuttings drying system used at rig site, screw conveyors are used under shale shakers and mud cleaner to collect drill cuttings and transfer to vertical cuttings dryer.
2) After separated by the vertical cuttings dryer, the dryer solids discharged fall down to an inclined screw conveyor and transferred out. The recovered drilling fluids is too heavy to be reused for drilling, so decanter centrifuge is used after it to remove the ultrafine solids and reduce the mud weight.

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