ViST Screen Vacuum Unit for OBM and WBM

GN ViST screen vacuum unit is designed to used together with shaker screen. As it is as new technology, many clients are not familiar with it, the unit is named as screen Vac. Unit. They wonder if it is screens. The Screen Vacuum unit It is not screen. But the Vist vac screen unit must be used together with shale shaker screen. It should be fixed underneath the discharge end shaker screen of the solids control shale shaker.

GN ViST screen vacuum unit can be used for both OBM and WBM. The screen vacuum unit can be used to replace high G drying shaker.

Why clients want GN ViST screen vacuum unit to replace High G shale shaker ?

1) The first advantage of screen vacuum unit is less maintenance and no consumption wearing parts. As we all knows, high G shale shaker is also easy for maintenance, but it will consume replacement screen once they start to working. ViST screen vacuum unit does not have the problem. It can save operation cost.

2) As the screen vacuum unit is mounted underneath the existing shale shaker screens, it is driven by a control unit with small footprint, and the screen vacuum unit do not need extra holding tank, or transfer pump, it can save space and power at jobsite especially for offshore platforms.

3) The screen vacuum unit is a 100% air driven system. It suits for hazardous areas for safe application.
Below are some normal questions from clients and the answers from GN Solids Control about GN ViST screen vacuum unit.

Question 1: Can the GN Sludge Pump be directly gravity fed by hopper or auger, or is it suction via hose as only feed option ?

GN answer: It can be directly gravity fed by hopper or auger. It can also suck via hose as feeding option. It is driven by air.

Question 2: Can the ViST screen vacuum unit are most suitable for oil base mud or water base mud?

GN answer: GN ViST screen vacuum unit can be used for both oil base mud and water based mud.

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