Waste stabilization system manufacturer

GN solids control designed waste stabilization system can be used not only for drilling waste/cuttings solidification and disposal, but also can be applied for industry waste ( mainly hazardous waste for environment) solidification/ stabilization.

The traditional way is including a stabilization pond, GN design is much more convenient for user-friendly, GN waste stabilization system has the features below

drilling cuttings solidsfication unit

1 Simple operation and maintenance, easy transportation, according to the field feedback, GN solidification system is user friendly for the rig operator compared with other suppliers. It works continuously and automatically, to use less manpower to get the efficient solidification result

2 Multi function: it can be applied for both oil based/synthetic based drilling cuttings and water based drilling waste, which is cost-effective for most of the drilling process when both water based and oil based drilling fluids are used in the drilling

3 small footprint: do not need a solidification pond, the whole unit can be installed aside the rig or drilling waste management system/ high G dryer system, only need a very small space.

4 complete solution provider: we can design and manufacturer both solids control system, drilling waste management system and waste solidification, which results liked results. Only good solids control system is used during the drilling process, less waste is generated and less waste disposal cost. So that the drilling waste management system works more efficiently and better performance, so that less waste cuttings are separated and more useful fluids can be recycled or for further water treatment. Then you can used less solidification additive agents are used in the cuttings stabilization system to reduce the agents’ cost and get better solidification result.

If you are interested to get a zero-discharge system or no-pit drilling solution, pls contact GN solids control. With our drilling waste management system and waste solidification system, the waste pit will be no necessary to you can less much cost for the cleaning and disposal after drilling.

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