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Drilling Rig Mud System by Helicopter

For myself, hardly imagine that the equipment are handled by helicopter, before saw the video shows helicopter transporting part of drilling rigs. Then start to understand the cost of building a road in nowhere and the inconvenience of helplessness on the isolated site if something goes wrong unexpected.

This time, we build the tanks for a drilling rig outside of the real world, which need to be transported by helicopter. All are customized for the transportation convenience. 2015.7.15_vertical_mud_tanks

1) 8 sets customized vertical mud tanks as storage tanks, with dimension 2200x2200x5800mm, the 8 sets mud tank can be put into 4 ea. 40feet high cubic containers. The total weight is smaller than 5tons, which can be lifted by helicopter transportation. Floater ball inside to measure the level of drilling mud inside.

2) 2 sets customized horizontal mud tanks as mixing tanks, with dimension 5800x2200x2200mm, the 2 sets mud tank can be put into 1 ea. 40feet high cubic container. The total weight is smaller than 5tons, which can be lifted by helicopter transportation.


Except this, there is another application also need helicopters, small ones, for small rigs, normally diamond core drilling, the small helicopter only can handle less than 1 ton pieces. So smaller design are required. And as clients from site said, hydraulic parts are preferred, as people have more common sense on this.

GN also sent a few systems to PNG, Fiji, which every piece can be disassembled to less than 1ton parts, equipment including, in an easy way, then reassembled to a complete system like Lego toys. While the control is still plug and play, has been kept very simple design.


Freely to let us know the specific requirement, then can customize any proper solution for you.


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Procedure to Start Up and Shut Down GN Decanter Centrifuge

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd was established in 2007 with the vision to provide the best product and service to its clients, making it a policy that to improve its product and service continuously. After around 8 years’ development and growth, GN Solids Control made breakthroughs on designs of its waste management equipment such as High G shaker, Vertical Cutting Dryer and Decanter Centrifuge. The newly updated equipment is specially designed to treat drilling waste.  After updating the decanter centrifuge, accordingly the user manual is updated. Firstly, how to start up and shut down the decanter centrifuge by handling the electric control cabinet?

Below chart is the buttons and indicator lights on the electric control cabinet through which the decanter centrifuge will start up and shut down.

1 4 7
 Indicator Light of Back-Drive Motor  Indicator Light of Main Motor Operation  Indicator Light of Feed Pump
2 3 5 6 8 9
Switch On Button of Back Drive Motor Switch off Button of Back Drive Motor Switch On Button of Main Motor Switch Off Button of Main Motor Switch On Button of Feed Pump Switch Off Button of Feed Pump
10 11 12 13
Power Supply Incoming Port Main Motor Outgoing Port Back Drive Motor Outgoing Port Feed Pump Outgoing Port

Step to Start Up:

1. Connect the power supplydecanter centrifuge 3

2. Push button 2 to start the back drive motor; consequently indicator light 1 turns on. (Check if the motor rotating direction confirms to the indicating arrow)

3. Push button 5 to start the main motor; consequently indicator light 4 turns on after it runs normally and stably.

4. Push button 8 to start the feed pump when the main motor’s rotating speed reaches to the rated, consequently indicator light 7 turns on and feeding starts.

Step to Shut Down

1. Firstly push button 9 to shut down the feed pump

2. Press button 6 to shut down the main motor, consequently indicator light 4 turns off. Waiting till the main motor completely stops.

3. Press button 3 to shut down the back drive motor when the main motor completely stops. When indicator light 1 turns off, the back drive motor stops.



GN waste management centrifuge in stock for better service

GN Solids Control formerly produce centrifuge by orders. That means when customer release order with payment, then we produce. In this way, we cannot make a plan and use the resources reasonably. But now, we change the manufacturing model and go for production by batches. In this case, we can meet the requirement from market better with shorter delivery time and highly standard equipment.2015.7.15_decanter_centrifuge

GN decanter centrifuge model GNLW363CG /GNLW363CG-VFD is equal to Alfa Laval centrifuge in centrifuge design and production material choice. The performance is very good after many times trial experiment. Now GN 4th generation centrifuge is working in many jobsite to serve the oil drilling / HDD drilling in domestic market and overseas market.

For now, GN have over 10 sets GNLW363 series centrifuge in stock for sale. With down payment, we can deliver the centrifuge to customer within 1 week time.

As this year oil price is still down, but waste management is going up because of government environmental protection policy. Except for decanter centrifuge, we also keep some other waste management equipment in stock for fast response. Including:

1) high G dryer which is professional to treat the water based mud drilling cuttings.

2) vertical cuttings dryer which is professional for WBM/OBM/SBM drilling cuttings drying treatment. The OOC can reach to 3% to 5%.

3) solidification unit /stabilization unit which is final treatment of WBM/OMB/SBM drilling cuttings after treated by High G dryer / vertical cuttings dryer.

4) Thermal desorption unit, which can separate oil, water and solids. The recovered oil can be given back to drilling company to match drilling mud.

In the above equipment, centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer is our most popular equipment for now. TDU is under research and development. We may launch TDU to market end of this year. We already sold over 100 sets centrifuge and over 60 sets vertical cuttings dryer to overseas and domestic market this half year.



Waste stabilization system manufacturer

GN solids control designed waste stabilization system can be used not only for drilling waste/cuttings solidification and disposal, but also can be applied for industry waste ( mainly hazardous waste for environment) solidification/ stabilization.

The traditional way is including a stabilization pond, GN design is much more convenient for user-friendly, GN waste stabilization system has the features below

drilling cuttings solidsfication unit

1 Simple operation and maintenance, easy transportation, according to the field feedback, GN solidification system is user friendly for the rig operator compared with other suppliers. It works continuously and automatically, to use less manpower to get the efficient solidification result

2 Multi function: it can be applied for both oil based/synthetic based drilling cuttings and water based drilling waste, which is cost-effective for most of the drilling process when both water based and oil based drilling fluids are used in the drilling

3 small footprint: do not need a solidification pond, the whole unit can be installed aside the rig or drilling waste management system/ high G dryer system, only need a very small space.

4 complete solution provider: we can design and manufacturer both solids control system, drilling waste management system and waste solidification, which results liked results. Only good solids control system is used during the drilling process, less waste is generated and less waste disposal cost. So that the drilling waste management system works more efficiently and better performance, so that less waste cuttings are separated and more useful fluids can be recycled or for further water treatment. Then you can used less solidification additive agents are used in the cuttings stabilization system to reduce the agents’ cost and get better solidification result.

If you are interested to get a zero-discharge system or no-pit drilling solution, pls contact GN solids control. With our drilling waste management system and waste solidification system, the waste pit will be no necessary to you can less much cost for the cleaning and disposal after drilling.

GN Solids Control Will Attend 2015 No Dig Show at Australia

Starting up from solids control equipment and system for oil & gas drilling as the leading manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has also grown to be the leading manufacturer of mud recycling system for trenchless project such as HDD & Tunneling. With a few years’ development, GN exported over 20 sets of mud systems for HDD&CBM to Australia, and also established partnership with TT Asia who is authorized as GN exclusive agent in Australia. The one main reason why GN successes in Australia is that GN product enjoys top quality and stable performance; the other is that GN has been attending to Australia No Dig show for 4 years in succession. Absolutely, GN Solids Control will attend the 2015 No Dig show in Australia. Details are listed as blow.

1/ NAME: NO DIG DOWN UNDERtumblr_inline_nrbauxxSF91qmb96p_500

2/ TIME: 8-11 SEPTEMBER 2015

3/ Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

2684-2690 Gold Coast Highway Broadbeach, Queensland 4218, Australia

4/ GN STAND NO.: 51


This time, GN Solids Control will display its standard model of 200GPM mud system which is composed of one GN mini cleaner, one feeding pump, one mud hopper, one mud mixing pump, one mud gun, one tank and accessories. Regarding to the main treating equipment mini cleaner, it is double deck bottom shaker with 4 desilter cones on the top. The bottom deck screen will serve as the first phase treating to remove coarse solids; the desilter cones serves as the second phase treating to separate solids over 20 microns. Then the mud will be mixed with chemicals through venture mud mixing hopper when it is discharged out by the mixing pump. After mixed, the mud will be reused. Welcome to GN booth on 2015 Australia No Dig Show.

The facts need to consider for purchasing the mud system

  • The size of the drill rig I have now

The well capabilities to produce the oil determine by the diameters and the depth.  When the rig gets deeper, the needs of treating the drilling fluid become more complex.  The system might need several tanks and sets of drilling mud shale shakers to rotate.  Desander hydrocyclones and desilter hydrocyclones pair with shakers at the bottom to take the treatment in the next level.  Last is decanter centrifuge will remove the remain solids and return the cleaned drilling fluid back to the tank.  For HDD industry, the typical drilling doesn’t so deep compare with oil drilling.  Therefore, the single tank and single set of solids removal machinery on top of the tank will serve the purpose.

  • The treating capacity (gallon per minute, GPM).GNMS-500GL HDD1

It is the next fact need to take as consideration after the size of rig which is the rate of feeding pumps determine GPM.  The typical GPM output is 1 to 1.5 because it’s based on the specs of clear water.  When viscosities, solids loading and polymers enter the picture, this ratio will allow some room for the system to keep up. The GPM and penetration rate are in direct control of solids loading, which should be kept around 10 to 20 percent by weight of solids. If the mud in the return pit is above 35 percent solids, it will cause unfavorable conditions for a reclamation system to separate solids effectively.

  • The conditions of soils

The system is long term uses purchase and sometimes it moves by contractors where the site will be.  The variety of soils that job site have will be determent the process of drilling.  Solids control machinery MFG will balance the pump sizes to reflect the throughput volume.  In regions where fine sands or sugar sand is the predominate soil, de-sanders may be used to take loading off the desilters. Regions where clay, sands stones or shale is the majority of soil conditions that are encountered.  For the larger rig  that can add the operations cost of a  decanter centrifuge and  it will help lower the clay build up. It keeps the mud weight down to a usable level and lower the percentage of destructive low gravity solids.

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5 Sets Vertical Cutting Dryer for CNPC Algeria Project

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the first company in China who developed vertical cutting dryer to treat the drilling cuttings so as to be dry enough to be discharged. With a few years development, now GN vertical cutting dryer has been accepted by the big players in the oilfield. Last year, CNPC has purchased one set of drilling waste management system composed of the main products vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge for the Shell project in Sichuan province, China. The treating effect is satisfying with the stable performance so the same client place a repeated order of 5 sets of vertical cutting dryer this year for its Algeria project. GN vertical cutting dryer is used to treat oil based mud cuttings to reduce the liquid content around 5%, that means it will be dry enough to be discharged.0618 cnpc cuttings dryer


The Algeria project needs the Vertical cuttings dryer to treat the oil based drilling cuttings to meet the OOC below 5%. GN vertical cuttings dryer has been proved to get the OOC down to 3% to 5%. And besides the performance, the reliability and durability is very important for the international projects. This is also one of the main reason, CNPC oilfield service company chooses GN products to meet the critical waste management projects.


Beside CNPC, GN vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge is also accepted by Baker Hughes. Last year, Baker Hughes in Russia purchased 4 sets of drilling waste management system from GN, and now they are operating in Russia, the operating video is available at GN website. In 2015, since the strict environmental regulations are carried out, over 30 sets of drilling waste management were delivered to domestic market, and now more and more are under construction.

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