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Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer for oil based mud

Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer is widely used to treat oil-based mud and oil based mud cuttings. It can further healing period useful drilling fluids through the drilling waste cuttings, and decrease the oil content for the cuttings.
Function of drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer for oil based mud and also oil based cuttings
Oil upon cuttings (OOC) is a standard parameter to identify the effectiveness of a Vg dryer. Prior to enter into vertical cuttings dryer, the oil on cuttings (OOC) is normally around 15% ~ 25%. After remedying of VG dryer, the OOC should be reduced to 3% ~ 5%. It is the diploma accepted by most of the areas. The cuttings with 3% ~ 5% OOC dismissed from VG dryer might be buried directly.
In some areas with higher standard, typically the cuttings can be moved to be able to thermal desorption unit (TDU) for further treatment to reduce OOC to 0. 5%.

vertical cuttings dryer
Often the recovered mud from VG dryer can be reused regarding drilling. But as the mud is very heavy, Normally, broadband drilling waste decanter centrifuge will be used after VG dryer to reduce the mud excess weight. After VG dryer in addition to high speed decanter centrifuge treatment, typically the mud should be qualified to get drilling. As there is no surroundings hazardous materials generated from drilling rig site all things considered these treatment, so VG dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge are popular and made welcome by rig site seeing that Zero discharge system.
Many consumers may wonder: If the arctic distortion unit (TDU) helps to reduce oil on cuttings to be able to as low as 0. 5%, the reason why don’t the rig internet site use TDU to treat oil-based mud and cuttings immediately. The answer is that, TDU is often a high energy consumption equipment. Along with the capacity is very small , the regular capacity of 1 set TDU is 1 ton on a daily basis, and max. 2 lots per hour. And it is cost greater. But VG dryer can easily treat around 30 plenty per hours. Equip VG dryer before TDU could increase treating capacity on the total drilling waste management system.

Solids Control equipment for Middle East and Africa oil field

GN Solids Control high quality solids control equipment are widely used in middle east and Africa oil field. Many clients, before they choose GN Solids Control, they used U.S or European brand. Once they contact GN, and start to buy equipment from GN, they gave high praise on GN equipment and services. They will keep working with GN and recommend new clients to GN.
Why the Middle east and Africa clients likes GN Solids Control:

GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control

1)    Good quality.
Absolutely, good quality and reliable services are the main reason they keep buying from GN. Low price or good ads may attract clients for one time. But if they do not happy with the quality, they will never come to you again. In middle east and Africa market, most of the management people are working with U.S and European world famous company before, they have very high requirements on the mud treatment equipment quality. And as the very high temperature of the weather in middle east and Africa, the normal standard products not suits it. GN Solids Control have well experience on the market. All their products, motors and control panels are explosion proof for zone 1 or zone 2 applications. And capable for 55° C.
2)    Certified lifting point for offshore
Offshore drilling have special high requirement on the solids control and drilling waste management. GN Solids Control is among the few companies who can make VFD control panel with self-cooling system and explosion proof air conditioner for the high temperature areas and offshore. Furthermore, GN Solids Control can offer DNV certified lifting point for all the equipment for offshore drilling rigs.
3)    Prompt reply, flexible contract and engineering support and reliable services.
GN can offer customized technical support and design to suit for different clients’requirement. GN people will reply clients within 24 hours once get their mail or call. And they are flexible on contract terms.
4)    Competitive price
The price of GN equipment is much more deserving its price.
If a products with competitive price, followed its parameters well, its quality is good, service is reliable. There is no reason for clients no choose it.

Often the Certifications GN Got By means of

From 2007 until now, GN Solids Control has been centering on researching & manufacturing often the solids control equipment through 9 years. Until now, different varieties of products manufactured by GN Solids Control are serving within over 60 countries around the world like USA, Italy, Canada, Australia.

Not only confront to the general customers, and also more and more products of GN Solids Control were marketed to the medium and luxury customers like Halliburton, Make Hughes, Scomi Tools, it has a tight connection with the high quality and also considerate after-sales service connected with GN Solids Control.

Previously 9 years, GN also obtained through a lot of authoritative qualifications In China or around the world.
1). In The fall of of 2015, GN Solids Control got the honor an excellent source of and new tech business granted by Hebei State;
2). GN is the first API certified solids control equipment manufacture in China and taiwan. Also certified by European union CE, Russia TP TC;
3). GN got with the certification of HSE Management System ISO14001 and ISO 28001.
At the back of these certification and honors, all of them contain the tight connection with the perspiration, efforts and endeavor of each one GN people.
As a leading manufacture of solids control equipment in the world, make the “GN Solids Control” becomes a famous brand in drilling grounds is the version of all GN People and all GN consumers are keeping struggling for this aim.

Until now, GN Solids Control could manufacture all kinds of solids control equipment with different versions for customer election, For example the High-speed Decanter Centrifuge, Thready Motion Shale Shaker, Replacing Shaker Screen, Vertical Cuttings Dryer (WBM, OBM, BINQ are all available), etc .

Inside 2013, GN Solids America LLC was founded in Des moines City of USA, which is the first and biggest USA-based solids control equipment manufacture supply by china manufacturer. And almost all the equipment are generally constantly in stock to help facilitate the customers.

Finally, if you wish to learn more about GN’s Shear Pump, Mud Mixing System, welcome to visit GN’s web page and contact us.
Email:usa@gnsolidscontrol. com
The particular Shaker Screens that GN Provided

GN Solids Control -famous brand from China for drilling waste management

As the major manufacturer in China regarding mud solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control is the No . 1 maker for direct exporting in this particular field in the recent years. GN Solids Control becomes plus more and more reputable brand on earth. GN people want to make a brand like HUAWEI, but not only let people know what is produced in China, and also permit worldwide people love exactly what is made in China.
GN holders along with the clients, and try out all his best to assist his clients in the minimal oil price situations.
1) Firstly, GN keeps improving the products design and level of quality to offer clients with considerably better and better quality products such as mud mixing system, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge. Shear pump, shale shaker etc.  To avoid wasting clients cost on procedure and maintenance.
2) Secondly, GN will keep improving and upgrading it is processing technology to save the actual manufacturing cost and offer buyers high quality products with more and even more competitive price.
3) As the Chinese brand, we know very well the difficult of global market. Many clients, they do not have got well understanding of MADE IN THE FAR EAST. They will have a higher ask for MADE IN CHINA: better quality and intensely competitive price. If it is some sort of US. Or European model face operation problem, they will often think if it was incorrectly operation of their people as well as something. But for Chinese brand name, many clients will not be so delicate. They may claim bad China’s quality first. It ask us with a better services team than the U. S i9000 and European brand.

160520 Waste Management
4) Unlike U. S and Western european competitors, most of them do not offer you commissioning services or after sales services even with pay (some service and sales manufacturer excepted). As the manpower expense is too higher. GN carries a professional jobsite services crew. We do offer commissioning solutions and training services to help clients when the equipment turn up jobsite the first time. GN carry out also send engineers to help jobsite if request for buyers for the after sales providers.
GN Solids Control helps keep improving to cater for progressively more clients and let more globally clients know and enjoy what is made in China.

Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer for oil based mud

Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer is widely used to treat oil based mud and oil based mud cuttings. It can further recovery useful drilling fluids from the drilling waste cuttings, and reduce the oil content on the cuttings.
Function of drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer for oil based mud and oil based cuttings
Oil on cuttings (OOC) is a basic parameter to identify the performance of a Vertical cuttings dryer. Before enter into vertical cuttings dryer, the oil on cuttings (OOC) is normally around 15% ~ 25%. After treatment of Vertical cuttings dryer, the OOC should be reduced to 3% ~ 5%. It is the degree accepted by most of the counties. The cuttings with 3% ~ 5% OOC discharged from VG dryer can be buried directly.

drilling waste cuttings dryer

drilling waste cuttings dryer

In some counties with higher standard, the cuttings can be moved to thermal desorption unit (TDU) for further treatment to reduce OOC to 0.5%.
The recovered mud from Vertical cuttings dryer can be reused for drilling. But as the mud is very heavy, Normally, high speed drilling waste decanter centrifuge will be used after VG dryer to reduce the mud weight. After VG dryer and high speed centrifuge treatment, the mud should be qualified for drilling. As there is no environment hazardous materials generated from the drilling rig site after all these treatment, so VG dryer and high speed centrifuge are popular and welcomed by rig site as Zero discharge system.
Many clients may wonder: If the thermal distortion unit (TDU) can reduce oil on cuttings to as low as 0.5%, why don’t the rig site use TDU to treat oil based mud and cuttings directly. The answer is that, TDU is a high energy consumption equipment. And the capacity is very small, the normal capacity of 1 set TDU is 1 ton per hour, and max. 2 tons per hour. And it is cost higher. But VG dryer can treat around 30 tons per hours. Equip VG dryer before TDU can increase treating capacity of the total system.

Drilling Waste management equipments shipping to Russia

Recently GN SOLIDS headquarter shipped one set of drilling waste management equipments to Russia, this is a do it again order from our older clients.
The equipments record as below:
One set of containerized drilling waste management system, including one unit involving vertical cuttings dryer in the container, because the cuttings therapy unit will work in Spain area where will be subtract 40 degree area, the particular container is utilized to avoid it from frozen in the winter months. We open the microsoft windows or doors at the area where the operator need to buy and sell or maintenance the gadgets.
One unit of cuttings shear pump , to transfer the cuttings from the mud pit to be able to vertical cuttings dryer
Cuttings collection box, which is each of our standard modular designed system, to collect the cuttings dryer discharged cuttings.
Screw conveyor, which is also used to feeding cuttings to the vertical cuttings dryer. The client bought both cuttings transfer pump and twist conveyor, when the cuttings along with much moisture, cuttings shift pump is suitable, when the cuttings is much drier, we will make use of screw conveyor to move it.

This is not the first set involving containerized drilling waste management system to Russia, almost all of the clients will buy drilling cuttings treatment system together with the container to keep them hot and the equipments with liquids will not frozen in winter. The most popular design is to put the decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer inside the container, and open up the necessary window and entrances for easy maintenance.
The consumers who bought the related containerized waste management system in Russia 4 yrs ago is still using the equipments very well with proper maintenance, and maybe they are satisfied with the performance.
Most of us also design drilling cuttings treatment system for serious hot countries with air conditioning unit inside the container. If you need an appropriate solution for drilling garbage disposal, pls contact with GN solids control .

Air conditioner cooling system for drilling waste decanter centrifuge VFD panel

There are many different types of explosion proof VFD control panel for drilling waste decanter centrifuge variable frequency drive (VFD) control panel. But fewer company can make VFD panel with air conditioner system.

Other types of explosion proof VFD control panel:

1) The most normal and the cheapest one is flame proof type VFD control panel. Strictly speaking, the flame proof control panel is not suitable for VFD control panel like for centrifuges. It is not good for performance on cooling. It is not suitable for hazardous environment. But as it costs lower and easy to make, when the jobsite does not have high requirement on VFD panel type, and they only want one for running, flame proof panel may be used. Mostly, small companies make flame proof type VFD panel.

decanter centrifuge-22) Another type is positive pressurized VFD control panel. It is confirms with IEC/EX or ATEX standard. It is compact in design and suitable for high temperature area. It is the most popular design for drilling waste centrifuge VFD control panel. It is used together with air source for explosion proof and for self cooling.

3) Air conditional cooling system for drilling waste decanter centrifuge VFD panel is the relative high standard. Fewer companies can make this design, especially in China. GN Solids Control is one of the few companies who have the ability to design and make Air conditional cooling system for drilling waste decanter centrifuge VFD panel.

Advantages of Air conditioner cooling system for drilling waste decanter centrifuge VFD panel:

Firstly, as it is equipped with air conditioner it is not need to connect with the extra air source.

Secondly, it is more suitable for hazardous environment, like for the very cold weather or the very hot weather.

And the Air conditioner cooling type VFD control panel for drilling waste management decanter centrifuge is more suitable for the offshore drilling rigs. As in offshore drilling rigs, the temperature is normally high and the air is high moisture, it is not suitable for pressurized VFD panel.


More GN’s Products Are Used In Different Industries Besides The Oil & Gas Industry

After entering the 2016 year, the international oil price has gone up in the past several months, but it is still at a low position compared with the price in the past several years.

For GN Solids Control, it has almost been 10 years since it was founded in Tangshan city of China in 2007 year. In the past these years, GN’s business has went through the most biggest expansion and the most fastest increasion compared with the competitors. The most reasons are based on the good quality of GN’s products & good service attitude to customers, but it is relative with the good development environment of oil & gas industry, as most of GN’s products are sold to the customers that relative with the Oil & Gas industry.


Facing the continuous low oil price since the end of 2014, GN has been struggling to expand its business in other fields besides the oil & gas industry. These application fields or industries include,

  • HDD or Trenchless Across;
  • Tunnel Construction, Piling, Shield Construction;
  • Water Well, Geothermal Well;
  • Mining;
  •  Drilling Waste Management;
  • Core Drilling Service;
  • TBM
  • In these fields, there is also the drilling mud needs to be treated or liquid-solid separation services are needed. As basically all of GN’s products are mainly used for the solid-liquid separation, so they can be used for servicing when customer has relative requirement.

On April, 2016, 1 set of GN’s mud cleaning system (including 1 shale  shaker, 1 decanter centrifuge, 1 mud tank and some other matching parts) was used in the construction industry for treating the construction slurry in Britain.

So more and more GN’s equipment and systme included mud mixing system are used in other different industries besides the traditional oil & gas industry.

Finally, welcome to contact GN at any time for any product. The best service and prompt support will be at your disposal.


Decanter Centrifuge for Energy, Construction, Mining

GN designed and produced decanter centrifuge can be applied for different industries like energy ( oil & gas drilling solids control system, drilling waste management, oil sludge separation, tank bottom cleaning, dewatering unit), construction( tunneling, bored piles machine, HDD, etc) and mining( diamond core drilling waste water separation). When adopted the centrifuges in different applications, we will use different models with different treating capacity.

Right now we have 8 basic models of decanter centrifuge, and each model centrifuge have 2 options for rated speed control panel or VFD control panel, for each model rated speed centrifuge, we provide 3 or 2 speed pulleys for replacement, for example, for GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, it could be with 3200rpm pulley when ex-works, and extra 2 pulleys with 2200rpm, 2700rpm for barite recovery and high gravity solids. If you need VFD decanter centrifuge, we provide different options with different price, the premium centrifuge with full stainless steel material cover of the  VFD control panel, 3 variable frequency for main motor, back drive motor and pump motor, with PLC smart control with touch screen, and positive pressurized. We also have economic options when you do not have enough budget, 2 motor variable frequency and carbon steel material cover with normal Chinese explosion proof will be considered for cheaper price.

decanter centrifuge

And we can make customized control panel according to the client’s requirement for the explosion proof standard, like IEC EX, ATEX, class 1 division 1, zone 2, etc.

For the centrifuge main bowl assembly, we also have 2 options, premium centrifuge with tungsten carbide tiles protection on the screw propeller, or economic centrifuge with ceramics tiles protection on the screw. When there is not too much solids content and less abrasion, economic centrifuge with cheaper price could be considered.

To choose a best model of GN decanter centrifuge for Energy, Construction, Mining, pls contact with GN solids control sales team.