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Mini Solids Pump and Mini shaker for South America Customer

There is a mini size shale shaker and a mini size vacuum degasser are finished. They will be shipped to a South America client.

The mini size shale shaker is with 2-panel. The model is GNZS752. It is used with composite frame pretension shaker screens for reliable service and longer life time.

GNZS752 series Mini shakers is widely used in trench-less HDD, water well drilling, diamond core drilling etc.. It is the best option for compact mud system and low flow rate. Shale shaker is a popular pre-separation equipment in liquid and solids separation system.

2022.08.25 Mini Shale Shaker

GN Solids Control has other big size shale shaker models for oil and gas drilling mud system, like 3-panel shale shaker, 4-panel shale shaker, 5-panel shale shaker with single deck. GN Solids Control also has double deck shale shakers.

The mini size vacuum pump can be used for solids and sludge transfer. It is a 100% air driven transfer device. There are manual control and auto-control for the electrical control equipment. While used for solids and sludge transfer, operators can use the auto-control function: the pump can be running with the set time for suck and discharge. GN Solids Control will offer another set of suction head for the mini size vacuum pump. The operators can use the pump as an industry vacuum cleaner, to suck the spilled mud on the ground.

2022.08.25 Mini Vacuum Pump

GN Solids Control Sludge vacuum pump is also named as solids transfer pump. It is a pneumatic slurry transfer vacuum pump for liquid, slurry, sludge and solids transfer. GN Solids Control has another 2 big model vacuum degassers. It is a high vacuum loading solids transfer pump, and it is a 100% air driven pump with any electrical components. So GN Solids Control vacuum pump can be used at tough environmental for solids and sludge transfer with high working performance. And there is no rotating parts on the pump, it means stable operating and less maintenance. Another big advantage of GN Solids Control vacuum pump is that, the pump can transfer material with high gravity and high density. And it can transfer sludge with solids content max. up to 80%.

HDD mud cleaning and mixing system

GN Solids Control makes various sizes drilling mud cleaning system, as well as mixing systems. The most popular size mud recycling and mixing system are 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM.

GN Solids Control has standard design mud cleaning system to offer customer fast supporting. And also, GN Solids Control can make customized mud system according to clients special requests.

Recently, GN Solids Control just finished 2 sets high standard mud cleaning system for HDD rigs. The capacity of the systems are 1000GPM and 500GPM. They are customized for SINOPEC international projects. The high standard of the 1000GPM and 500GPM system design enable the maximum liquid recovery of drilling activities, and it further can reduce the wastes volume.

2022.08.04 Mud Recycling System

Below are the major equipment list of the 1000GPM and 500GPM high standard mud recycling system complete with mixing unit.

GN Solids Control is capacity to make customized mud treatment system to suit for clients’ demands. You can contact GN engineer team to ask for support.

The 1000GPM high standard HDD system includes:
1. 2 sets of linear motion Shale shaker, Model GNZS703F. It is a 3-panel shale shaker.
2. Desander mud cleaner. It is composite of 2 × 10 inch desander cone and a GNZS703F under flow shale shaker
3. Desilter mud cleaner. It is composite of 12 × 4 inch desilter cone and a GNZS703F under flow shale shaker
4. A high speed 22 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge with a chemical dosing unit. Mostly, clients choose 18 inch middle speed decanter centrifuge to ultra fine solids removal in HDD mud recycling system. But in the project, the client requests a bigger bowl centrifuge with bigger volume and high speed. It can greatly improve the ultra fine solids removal result.
5.  A separate mixing unit is equipped for the 1000GPM mud system.
6. 4 mud tanks with pipelines and accessories.

The 500GPM high standard HDD system includes:
1. Shale shaker GNZS703F× 1 set
2. Mud cleaner. It is composite of 1×10 inch desander cone,  8×4 inch desilter cones, and a GNZS703F shale shaker
3. A middle speed 18 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge
4.  A separate mixing unit
5. 2 mud tanks

Two Sets HDD Mud Cleaning System for Sinopec 

This week, a 1000GPM mud cleaning system and a 500GPM mud system package have finished the fabricating work and factory testing. They will be packed and shipped to Sinopec for their HDD rigs. The mud cleaning system is combined with the function of mud recycling, mixing and storage.

The 2 sets mud cleaning system are both designed for 240m3/h (1000GPM) handling capacity. It can be used for HDD rig, CBM drilling, as well as water well drilling.

2022.08.04 Mud Recycling System

The 1000GPM mud cleaning system is customized with client’s color. It is a very high standard system including following separating equipment:

Shale shaker: The first stage separation equipment is 2 sets shale shaker model GNZS703F. It is the most popular shaker model utilized in mud system. It is a single deck 3-panel shale shaker. Although it is 3-panel, the screen area is up to 2.63 m². The big screen area can support big handling capacity of shale shaker. While the 3-panel design can save clients’ operating cost on replacement screens compared with 4-panel or 5-panel shakers.

Desander mud cleaner: After the 2 shale shakers, there is a desander mud cleaner which is mounted on a GNZS703 shale shaker.

Desilter mud cleaner: in order to maximum the separation performance, Sinopec does not use 3-in-1 mud cleaner, but using a separation desander cleaner and desilter cleaner, which with the same model underflow shale shaker as the 1st stage shale shaker.

2022.08.04 HDD Mud Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge: Mostly, clients use 18inch middle speed decanter centrifuge in HDD system for fine solids separation. But in the Sinopec mud recycling system, they are using a 22 inch high speed big bowl decanter centrifuge, which is equipped with VDF panel.

Mud mixing unit: it is composite of mud mixing hopper and mixing pump.

Mud tank package: There are totally 4 mud tanks in the 1000GPM mud recycling system for allocation all separation equipment and accessory items.

GN Solids Control offers complete electrical control system for all items inside the system. All connection inside the system are provided for turnkey solution.

GN Solids Control Dual discharge screw conveyor for drill cuttings transfer

GN Solids Control make screw conveyors with auger diameter 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, and 18 inch. Each screw conveyor can be laid either in horizontal or inclined with a angle less than 40 degree.

The most popular auger diameter is 14 inch, which is mostly used at oil and gas drilling mud systems to transfer drilling cuttings from drilling mud solids control shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, and drilling waste management equipment, like high G drying shaker, vertical cuttings dryer. Etc… With different auger diameter, GN Solids Control can make various models with transfer length 12 ft, 24 ft, 36 ft and 48 ft.

2021.9.6a Screw Conveyor

The most popular model GN Solids Control sold for oil and gas drilling mud system is GNSC14-48, which with 14 inch auger diameter and 48 transfer length. The advantage of the model is that:

1) 48 ft transfer length auger is combined by 4 auger sections, each auger section is with standard transfer length 12ft. The job site operators can remove 1 middle section or both the 2 middle sections to use the screw conveyor with transfer length 24ft or 36ft.

2) Each section of GN augers are combined by hanger bearing and shaft assembly. It is easy and fast to assemble each section at job site, and the design is with less maintenance.

Unlike other auger suppliers, GN Solids Control hanger hanger hearing are assembly parts. Users can replace each part separately in case of need, they do not need to replace the whole hanger bearing unit while repair. It can reduce the maintenance cost much.

If not specified by clients before order, GN Solids Control screw conveyor is with fixed rotating direction, and it is equipped with a feeding port and a discharge port. In some cases, clients may need dual direction screw conveyors. GN Solids Control is capable to make customized screw conveyor with dual rotating direction. Operators and users can change the auger rotating direction at the auger control panel. And there will be 2 feeding ports and 2 discharge ports on the 2 ends of the special design screw conveyor. Operators and users can change the auger feeding and discharge direction in case of need.