Two Sets HDD Mud Cleaning System for Sinopec 

This week, a 1000GPM mud cleaning system and a 500GPM mud system package have finished the fabricating work and factory testing. They will be packed and shipped to Sinopec for their HDD rigs. The mud cleaning system is combined with the function of mud recycling, mixing and storage.

The 2 sets mud cleaning system are both designed for 240m3/h (1000GPM) handling capacity. It can be used for HDD rig, CBM drilling, as well as water well drilling.

2022.08.04 Mud Recycling System

The 1000GPM mud cleaning system is customized with client’s color. It is a very high standard system including following separating equipment:

Shale shaker: The first stage separation equipment is 2 sets shale shaker model GNZS703F. It is the most popular shaker model utilized in mud system. It is a single deck 3-panel shale shaker. Although it is 3-panel, the screen area is up to 2.63 m². The big screen area can support big handling capacity of shale shaker. While the 3-panel design can save clients’ operating cost on replacement screens compared with 4-panel or 5-panel shakers.

Desander mud cleaner: After the 2 shale shakers, there is a desander mud cleaner which is mounted on a GNZS703 shale shaker.

Desilter mud cleaner: in order to maximum the separation performance, Sinopec does not use 3-in-1 mud cleaner, but using a separation desander cleaner and desilter cleaner, which with the same model underflow shale shaker as the 1st stage shale shaker.

2022.08.04 HDD Mud Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge: Mostly, clients use 18inch middle speed decanter centrifuge in HDD system for fine solids separation. But in the Sinopec mud recycling system, they are using a 22 inch high speed big bowl decanter centrifuge, which is equipped with VDF panel.

Mud mixing unit: it is composite of mud mixing hopper and mixing pump.

Mud tank package: There are totally 4 mud tanks in the 1000GPM mud recycling system for allocation all separation equipment and accessory items.

GN Solids Control offers complete electrical control system for all items inside the system. All connection inside the system are provided for turnkey solution.

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