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GN Separation Equipment at IE expo Shanghai China environmental show

GN Solids Control just get back from IE expo Shanghai China environmental show. It is one of the largest exhibition on Environment protection, and even one of the largest on in the area of Asia. You can learn more about  IE expo China on its website:

2023.04.20-5 SH EXPO

The Shanghai Environmental Protection Exhibition showcases the world’s top technologies and solutions in the field of environmental pollution control, including but not limited to the following aspects:

The cutting-edge technologies and latest solutions in the field of environmental pollution control, including sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, solid waste treatment, resource recycling, air pollution control, indoor air pollution control, site restoration, environmental monitoring, and environmental service industry.

2023.04.20-3 SH Expo

GN Separation, the 100% subsidiary of GN Solids Control, came for 2023  IE expo China and took its major separation equipment for the show.

1. Double deck shale shaker. It is used a coarse separation equipment on soil treatment or waste slurry treatment. GN Separation makes various types of separation shakers for oil and gas drilling, for non-oil drilling, for industry separation, for mining slurry separation, etc…

2. Big bowl high speed decanter centrifuge for dewatering treatment. The centrifuge model for the show is a 22inch centrifuge with big bowl and high speed, high G force for dewatering treatment, and 3 phase separation.

2023.04.20-5 SH EXPO

3. Disc centrifuge. 3-phase centrifugal separator is widely used to treat oil sludge to get soil, water, and oil. Besides 3-phase decanter centrifuge, GN Separation also take his 3-phase disc centrifuge for 2023  IE expo China.
4. The solids and sludge vacuum pump. It is a 100% air driven pump which is widely used to suck and transfer solids and sludge, especially for long discharge transfer. The transfer distance can up to 1000m.

Besides the shale shaker and centrifuge separation, GN Solids Control with its branch company GN separation is also specialized in desander and desilter separator, vacuum degasser, centrifugal transfer pump, screw conveyor transfer device, as well as replacement screen for various brand shale shakers.

Oil water separator decanter centrifuge and disc centrifuge

GN Solids Control is a professional centrifuge manufacturer, who is focusing on drilling mud decanter centrifuge separator, drilling waste management dewatering centrifuge, as well as various sizes of industry centrifugal separators.

Even for the same model centrifuge separator, if the treating material and the separation demands are different, there many be some small modifications on the bowl and discharge design. Hence, in order to get the most suitable centrifuge model to suit for their applications, clients should contact GN Solids Control sales engineer, to communicate the project situation and their technical demands, and then GN Solids sales engineer will recommend them the suitable centrifuge design.


For example, a client said they are looking for centrifuge separators for oily sludge treatment. Say the liquid treatment which contains on 90% water and 5% oil and 5% Solids / soil. Although the 5% solids content is mot much high, we also must to make sure that what is the max. Solids size of the 5% solids content.

The reason is that, for 2-phase decanter centrifuge, 3-phase decanter centrifuge, and disc centrifuge, the max. Solids size and solids content various much. And all centrifuge separator cannot allow big particle, it is better less than 10mm, and better no more than 15mm, no matter how less the solids content. Otherwise, other separators must be used for feeding into centrifuge.
1. 2-phase decanter centrifuge.
It is a liquid and solids separator which the most popular centrifuge model used in oil and gas mud system for low gravity and high gravity solids separation. It requests Feed Material with Solids Less 10% and Particle Size less than 2mm. It can be used before 3-phase centrifuge to reduce the mud weight, and help to improve the 3-phase centrifuge efficiency. Shale shaker is normally used before 2-phase decanter centrifuge to reduce the mud weight and remove the bigger particles.
2. Disc centrifuge is for 3 phase separation.
Disc centrifuge can get clear water, oil and dryer soil. But is has strictly requests on the feeding slurry. The requested Feed Material must be with Solids ≤ 3%. It is not suit for the application.
3. 3-Phase Decanter centrifuge.
3-Phase Decanter centrifuge requests Feed Material with Solids Less 10% and Particle Size less than 2mm.

Kuwait Safety Standard Screw Conveyors for drilling company

Screw conveyor is the most popular transfer device which is used to carry drilling cuttings from solids control shale shaker, coarse shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner as well as decanter centrifuges in the drilling mud system. They carry the drilling waste from the mud system to mud cutting waste pits eliminating water-jetting.

2023.04.06 Screw Conveyor 2

GN Solids Control has rich experience to make drilling waste transfer screw conveyor which meet KOC HSE demands. KOC launched many new rig tender at tend of 2022, as this reason, GN Solids Control got many orders including screw conveyors. In the 1rst quarter of 2023, GN Solids Control work shops are business on the screw conveyors, around 100 screw conveyors were shipped or will be shipped from GN factory.

KOC is the National oil company of Kuwait. They have strictly technical and HSE requests on the screw conveyor. As they faced some human hurt cases which caused by their previous screw conveyors.

GN Solids Control is among the first suppliers to offer the qualified screw conveyors per KOC new HSE standard.

2023.04.06 Screw Conveyor 1

Below are the basic technical and HSE design GN Solids Control offered to suit for KOC standard. Through the years, GN Solids Control offered hundreds of such standard screw conveyors to drilling companies and rig companies to service KOC projects:

1. There are covers on top of the screw conveyor augers. GN Solids Control provide metal plate auger covers and gratings as auger covers per order request. They covers are fixed on the top of the auger with hinges on one side & provision for locks / bolts on the other side. It is for fast open and close.

2. There are grab wire loop along the whole auger length with is fixed on top of the auger auger 1.automatic power trip when the top cover is opened up from closed position.

3. Emergency STOP Switches located at Shale Shaker area and Near Auger.

GN Separation Equipment for Dredging Slurry Separation Plant to North America

In March 2023, a full package of dredging Slurry Separation Plan, which was designed and made by GN Solids Control is finished job site installation and commission, and get into use.

The dredging Slurry Separation Plant was customized for an environment protection company in North America. It is repeated order from the same client.

2023.03.24 Decanter Centrifuge 1

Below is the major separation equipment included in the dredging slurry separation plant.

No 1. Huge bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764A c/w VFD control panel. Quantity 2 sets.

This type of big bowl decanter centrifuge is a 760mm series developed and produced by GN Solid Control. There are few manufacture in the world has the capability to build such big bowl centrifuge. It is a huge bowl decanter centrifuge with a length-diameter ratio of 4.2:1. The large size of the rotary drum enables it to have a large processing capacity, mainly used for shield mud treatment, river dredging, municipal sewage treatment, etc. This customer is used for river dredging slurry separation projects.

No 2. Double deck shale shaker GNZS706F. Quantity 2 sets.
It is a double deck shale shaker developed and made by GN Solids Control. The screen area is up to 4.6m2. The upper deck utilize coarse screens with bigger opens for pre-separation. The bottom deck utilize fine screens to remove the fine particles. Shale shaker is the 1rst stage separation equipment, which is mainly used to remove particles above 100 microns.

2023.03.24 Separation Plant

No 3. Desander mud cleaner GNZS703F-2S. Quantity 2 sets.
The desander mud cleaner is combomed shale shaker with qty 2 desander cones. It is used to remove particles above 40 ~ 60 microns.

No 4. Desander mud cleaner GNZS703F-12N. Quantity 2 sets.
The desilter mud cleaner is combomed shale shaker with qty 12 desilter cones. It is used to remove particles above 20 ~ 40 microns.

No 5. Screw conveyor. Quantity 12 ea.
The screw conveyors with different transfer length, which is used in the system to collect and transfer solids outputs.