GN Separation Equipment for Dredging Slurry Separation Plant to North America

In March 2023, a full package of dredging Slurry Separation Plan, which was designed and made by GN Solids Control is finished job site installation and commission, and get into use.

The dredging Slurry Separation Plant was customized for an environment protection company in North America. It is repeated order from the same client.

2023.03.24 Decanter Centrifuge 1

Below is the major separation equipment included in the dredging slurry separation plant.

No 1. Huge bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764A c/w VFD control panel. Quantity 2 sets.

This type of big bowl decanter centrifuge is a 760mm series developed and produced by GN Solid Control. There are few manufacture in the world has the capability to build such big bowl centrifuge. It is a huge bowl decanter centrifuge with a length-diameter ratio of 4.2:1. The large size of the rotary drum enables it to have a large processing capacity, mainly used for shield mud treatment, river dredging, municipal sewage treatment, etc. This customer is used for river dredging slurry separation projects.

No 2. Double deck shale shaker GNZS706F. Quantity 2 sets.
It is a double deck shale shaker developed and made by GN Solids Control. The screen area is up to 4.6m2. The upper deck utilize coarse screens with bigger opens for pre-separation. The bottom deck utilize fine screens to remove the fine particles. Shale shaker is the 1rst stage separation equipment, which is mainly used to remove particles above 100 microns.

2023.03.24 Separation Plant

No 3. Desander mud cleaner GNZS703F-2S. Quantity 2 sets.
The desander mud cleaner is combomed shale shaker with qty 2 desander cones. It is used to remove particles above 40 ~ 60 microns.

No 4. Desander mud cleaner GNZS703F-12N. Quantity 2 sets.
The desilter mud cleaner is combomed shale shaker with qty 12 desilter cones. It is used to remove particles above 20 ~ 40 microns.

No 5. Screw conveyor. Quantity 12 ea.
The screw conveyors with different transfer length, which is used in the system to collect and transfer solids outputs.

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