500GPM mud recycling system for cpp

3 sets GN rapidly removable mud recycling system for HDD rigs will probably be dispatched to the client now. It is customized system intended for CPP rigs. CPP executive team visit GN manufacturing and check the system previous to dispatch and very satisfied. They can be happy with the system top quality and thanks very much for any continue technical supporting associated with GN Solids Control for your years. Till now, they get over 35 sets lightweight mud cleaning systems through GN Solids Control. The majority of the systems are for 500GPM capacity.
The 3 new methods are customized system together with 500gpm also, but can easily up to 1000GPM capacity at will.
The 500gpm ~ a thousand GPM mud recycling devices are composed of below tools:
1) Mud tank one ea. The size of the tank is the same with 20ft common container, and equipped with ISO blocks. Walkways and handrails are all foldable type the design of fast movement. During regular shipment, the users no need to eliminate the walkways and handrails, that they only need to take off the personal identification number shaft and supporting column of walkway, and fold-up the walkway and handrails to the tank side wall structure.

2) Mud desander cleaner (model GNZS706E-2S) with dual deck shale shaker. It’s the combination of a double terrace shale shaker and only two each 10’’ desander cones. The bottom shaker deck may be used as solids control shale shaker for preseparation.
3) Mud desilter cleaner (model GNZS706E-8N) with a double patio shale shaker underneath. The base deck of the shaker to be used as solids control shale shaker.
The 1 expert advisor desander mud cleaner and also 1 ea desilter mud cleaner are mounted in the lifting frame, they can be transferred as a compete part while in shipment when needed.
4) Nourishing pump for desander as well as desilter cones are installed in the slope of the tank for a compact design.
With regard to other sizes of GN mud recycling system to get HDD rigs, please anyone visit GN website or even contact GN company to get details.

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