Celebration for Partnership between EMEC and GN Solids Control

EMEC, which is short for Egyptian Mud & Chemical Engineering Company, is a well known company with more than 25 years history for providing specialized drilling and production solutions, and has a certain influence on oil and gas companies in Middle East and African companies.

GN Solids Control, as the second to none Oil and Gas solids control and waste management system and equipment company in China, has been working with EMEC for years. The both parties know each other very well. By end of last year, EMEC has launched a big order to GN Solids Control, for a large batch of decanter centrifuges. This celebration, is not only for the partnership between EMEC and GN Solids Control, but also the celebration for delivery of some of decanter centrifuges.

The owner of GN, Mr Zhou and the Exclusive Manager Mr Amir from EMEC attended the celebration, and also the head quarters of GN, and engineers from EMEC. During the celebration, Mr Amir and Mr Zhou respectively gave their sincere speeches about the future of cooperation. Both parties surely believe that, GN will bring to market more and more high quality equipments and products, and the cooperation relationship between the two companies will be brighter. Mr Amir also appreciated the efforts from GN staff for successfully producing so many high quality decanter centrifuges.

That is exactly fact. His order came just before the Chinese New Year, in order to deliver the order in time, GN staff, especially the producing department, sacrificed their holiday and adding working hours in shifts. It is every GN person’s belief that the customers’ need is the most important.

GN also appreciates EMEC’s support and trust for a private owned company. And we have reason to believe that, the future cooperation between the two esteemed companies will be brighter.

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