Ways to estimate the effective amount of a GN mud tank

As GN is manufacturing increasingly more mud tanks each year, more clients from abroad are requesting GN Solids Control Co. to provide his technical solutions for his customers. For any salesperson, to know how to calculate the effective of mud tanks by a fast way is essential. Clients are going to be astounded by an educated purchase.


So today we have prepared to share some methods to calculate the effective amount of GN tank.


The GN tank’s effective volume is dependent upon three factors: the first is the interior effective length, the second one is the interior width, and the third one is to be the height of corrugated board. Therefore the volume equals towards the product of those three factors.


If this involves container type tanks, the effective length is equivalent to the particular entire container. However, for any skid type tank, the effective length ought to be subtracted by 500mm because we have to go ahead and take skid parts into account.


If the centrifugal pump is installed on the skid, the effective length ought to be calculated in by doing this:


1. The centrifugal pump is installed flatly


while a pump is installed flatly, what this means is that it’s align using the length direction from the tank, so a pump with 37kw motor is visible as taking the size of 2.5m, and forces above 45kw ought to be subtracted by 2.8m for other pumps. Besides, if you find two paralleled pumps, the tank length ought to be subtracted by an additional 300mm.


2. The centrifugal pump is installed vertically


But when the pump is installed vertically towards the direction of tank’s length direction, 37kw motor is going to be calculated as 1m and 45kw motor (or over) is going to be treated as 1.3m.



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