Drilling cuttings transfer pump feed for vertical cuttings dryer

Screw conveyor is the most popular transfer equipment to collect drill cuttings from solids control shale shaker, mud cleaner, and feed to vertical cuttings dryer. While using screw conveyor auger to feed for vertical cuttings dryer, normally at least 2 screw conveyor augers will be used.

Firstly, there will be a screw conveyor located in horizontal to collect drill cuttings from solids control mud system separation equipment, mostly, from shale shaker, desander, desilter and mud cleaner. After the horizontal screw conveyor, a second screw conveyor will be located inclined to transfer drilling cuttings from the horizontal screw conveyor and feed to the top feeding hopper on the top of vertical cuttings dryer.

Besides screw conveyor, Drilling cuttings transfer pump is another popular feeding device for vertical drilling cuttings dryer. Drilling cuttings transfer pump collect drill cuttings to its tank hopper, and use hydraulic power to push the drill cuttings to separation equipment, like vertical cuttings dryer, or to waste pits. But Drilling cuttings transfer pump is not self-suction pump. It can only collect drilling cuttings which can fall down into the holding tank. It cannot suction drill cuttings from waste pits.

Vacuum sludge transfer pump is another transfer pump which can feed for vertical cuttings dryer. It is a 100% air driven pump, need big air consumption. And it is a self-suction pump. Vacuum sludge transfer pump can transfer mud from solids control system, or suction material from waste pits and feed to separation equipment.

GN Solids Control can make screw conveyor, drill cuttings transfer pump, vacuum sludge pump, and vertical cuttings dryer to treat drill cuttings. Besides these equipment, GN Solids Control is capable to make other waste management equipment, like decanter centrifuge, big bowl centrifuge, high G drying shale shaker, solidification unit, dewatering unit, oil water separator, oil sludge separation system, etc…

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