Drilling fluids Mud Cleaner for Offshore

Mud cleaner is a basic drilling mud separation equipment for various drilling activites. It is used after solids control shale shaker. Last week, Some sets of mud cleaner are ready for delivery from GN Solids Control Beijing factory.

The mud cleaners are specially designed for offshore rigs. Compared with normal onshore mud cleaner, the offshore mud cleaner with special design to suit for DNV2.1-1 lifting standard to meet offshore requestment.

Mud cleaner utilizes desander and desilter hydro cyclones to separation a certain sizes of solids phase. It is a combination of shale shaker, desander and desilter. The most popular desander cyclone is 10 inch. The 10 inch desander cone can remove particles above 47 microns. The most popular desilter cone is 4 inch. The 4 inch cone can separate solids to 27 microns. In some cases 12 inch desanter cone and 5 inch desilter cone may be used, but very few.

The hydro cyclones incorporate a precise combination of proportions, angles, ratios, and materials to optimize separation of solids from the feed material. In normal operation, feed slurry is introduced tangentially into the interior of the hydro cyclone at high velocity causing a whirlpool effect to occur inside the cone. The swirling motion of the slurry drives the larger, denser particles outward against the cone wall while the smaller, lighter particles move toward the center of the cone.

The low-pressure vortex at the center of the cone pulls in the excess liquid and small particles, as well as drawing in air through the apex at the lower discharge end of the cone. The high-velocity air stream aids the upward flow of liquid and small particles toward the cone’s upper discharge, while the spiraling stream of liquid and larger particles flows downward along the cone wall toward the lower discharge. Large solids leaving the lower discharge may be further processed for removal of remaining small particles and liquid, while the upper discharge from the hydrocyclone is often routed to desilters having 4-inch hydrocyclones for removal of finer particles.

Besides mud cleaner, GN Solids Control is capacity to make shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mixing system, cuttings skips and other separation equipment with DNV2.7-1 lifting certificate for offshore rigs.

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