Vertical and horizontal mud tank agitator for oil and gas drilling

The mud agitator is high-efficiency mud-mixing units offered in a wide array of custom sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any mud tank. Both horizontal and vertical drive mud agitators are available for all sizes of mud tanks.

The horizontal drive mud agitator is designed for installations having limited space above the mud tank, like drilling mud solids control system mud tanks, desanding plant mud tanks, mud recycling system mud tanks, etc…. The vertical drive agitator employs an all helical gearing system, and the horizontal drive agitator utilizes a helical-bevel system to drive the agitator shaft, which may have one or two straight or canted mixing impeller(s). Canted mixing impeller is more popular.

Mud agitator design should be based on tank dimension, inner depth and mud condition. GN horizontal mud agitators utilize helical bevel reducer. Clients can also choose worm and gear reduce for saving the cost.

If tank inner height is more than 1500mm, a tank bottom shaft stabilizer is recommended to support the lower end of the shaft. But anyway, GN Solids Control equips tank bottom stabilizer for all sizes mud agitators.

GN mud agitator is composed of explosion-proof motor, coupling with star elastic coupling, helical bevel reducer, impeller, mounting plate, and rigid coupling, etc…. Explosion-proof motor and reducer are installed on the mounting plate. Explosion-proof motor shaft and reducer input shaft is connected by elastic coupling. Agitator shaft and reducer output shaft are connected by rigid coupling.

When the explosion-proof motor is running, the reducer input shaft is driven to rotate through the elastic coupling, the reducer output head drives the agitator shaft to rotate through the rigid coupling, and the agitator shaft and the impeller are connected by bolts for transmission.

When the blade of the impeller impinges on the drilling fluid, it is forced to produce a vortex motion, thereby preventing the solid particles of the drilling mud from settling, and achieving the effect of uniform mixing of solid and liquid phases and uniform density. The connecting disc sandwiched in the middle of the blade can prevent the solid particles of the mud from depositing at the lower part of the impeller after shutdown, thus reducing the resistance of the solid phase material to the blade when restarting, and avoiding the accident of burning the motor due to starting overload.

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