Feeding Capability Changing of Centrifuge Serving Pumps

Among all the actual decanter centrifuges used for solids control and drilling waste management systems for oil and gas drilling, they could be divided into big dish centrifuges, medium sized decanter centrifuges and baby centrifuges. For each bowl rotating speeds, they may be divided as middle pace decanter centrifuges and high-speed decanter centrifuges. Per their own electric control system they may be fixed speed and adjustable speed available.
Like GNLW363C series decanter centrifuges, GN has 4 models whilst 5 options available, they are maximum configuration ones, for waste materials management use mostly, as well as economic standard ones. As well as for each configuration, end users might choose fixed speed or even VFD control panel. For your economic standard option, GN has positive pressurized VFD control panel with PLC and normal VFD control panel for option.

decanter centrifuge
Exactly what feeding pumps are used correspondingly or the decanter centrifuges for each their control panels’ variations?
1 . For fixed pace control panel decanter centrifuges, you could use both the submersible slurry pump and the screw pump or called mono pump. In case of fixed speed decanter centrifuge, normally no need to affect the speed and feeding capability which is already set having a formula of centrifuge feeding pace and gearbox ratio as well as motor rotating speed, as well as etc . In order to change the serving capacity when using the submersible slurry pump, extra liquid given to the centrifuge could circulation back via the flood pipeline of the centrifuge. In the event of the screw pump, the finish user could install a mechanised devise on the screw pump as a manual valve. This kind of is shaped as a steering wheel and could be switched remaining or right in order to get an appropriate feeding capacity.
2 . For your VFD controlled decanter centrifuges, the common and practical option would be always the mono pump or screw pump. The actual screw pump’s motor is actually connected with the control panel and on the other side from the motor is the gearbox linked to the pump rotating component. By changing the HERTZ via control panel, the actual directly connected screw pump would change the feeding pace and accordingly the serving capacity.

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