GN500 GPM drilling mud system for Water well drilling system

GN five hundred GPM mud recycling system is one of the most hot purchase system model for horizontally drilling directional drilling (HDD), water well drilling, CBM drilling, as well as for some little workover rigs.
Water nicely drilling is very important; it is not just used for human being life as well as industry purpose. For coal and oil drilling field, it is also extremely important. Before start the procedure of oil drilling, the actual jobsite need to drill drinking water well. As all the drilling activities need to use drinking water. They have to ensure water provider before start drilling coal and oil well.
One set movie trailer mounted GN 500 GPM mud recycling system turn up client job site as well as highly commended by the customers. The GN 500 GPM drilling mud system is made for 1000m deep water nicely drilling. It can also suit with regard to 350hp drilling rigs as well as ZJ20, ZJ30 drilling rigs.
It is a complete mud system including mud treatment system and mud mxing system, as well as electric control system. GN reserves a spare link on the inlet and store pipe of the mixing pump. The system can be used to blend mud in outside aquariums, and it can transfer qualified mud to outside tanks. Customers can connect the outside storage space tank directly.

500 GPM mud system
The GN 500 GPM mud system is a customized system for each clients’ request. The system is including following gear.
1) Solids Control shale shaker, model GNZS703E. This is a linear motion shale shaker with 3-panel. Its capability is 500GPM.
2) Mud cleaner GNZJ703E-D8N. It is a mixture of shale shaker and desilter cleaner.
3) Mud mixing system
4) Mud tank and accessories.
Besides this particular proposal, GN Solids Control offers different standard mud system to cater for various jobsite condition. GN possess below standard design for 500gpm mud system:
1) The actual economic standard GNMS-500B mud recycling system
2) The standard standard GNMS-500G mud system.
3) The high standard GNMS-500GL mud system. Compare with over proposal, this model comes with more treatment process along with a bigger usable tank capability.
GN company keeps with regard to standard mud system and equipment including mud agitator, Decanter Centrifuge ,Mud Gas Separator, cuttings dryer, Vacuum Degasser, Mud cleaner,shale shaker, pleasant you contact GN with regard to inquire.

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