GN Centrifuge, Good Performance on Transocean Offshore Rig

In traditional mind, the solids control and waste management is the world occupied by USA and European companies, especially in American own territory, there’s seldom other brands from outside USA. But GN Solids Control, as the first API certified solids control company in China and also the first USA based China solids control company who has a branch company and warehouse in Houston.


Not long ago, GN after sale service team came back from Transocean Offshore Rig jobsite in America, bring back valuable feedback and data. On this jobsite, they are using GN’s decanter centrifuge.This decanter centrifuge GNLW363-VFD, with max rotating speed 3900 RPM. This centrifuge is ideal solution for such application, besides the traditional application as solids control and waste management. Because of the VFD control system, this centrifuge’s speed ranges from 0 to 3200, could be used for separating the large and heavy particles and ultra fine small particles.

The end user has 2 centrifuges of similar treating capacity on this working jobsite. One is from GN Solids Control ,the other is from Baker Hudges. Normally, the run one of the 2 centrifuges and the other is used like backup centrifuge. In most cases, the capacity of one set is enough. When the treating capacity requested is larger, they run both of them together. The ender user was surprised that Chinese brand centrifuge could be equivalent as the Baker Hudges one. Before using GN’s centrifuge, they hesitated for a while and finally decided to trust and try. GN didn’t fail them.

They got to know GN’s quality, but there is one thing they didn’t know, that also Baker Hudges is GN’s client and end user of GN decanter centrifuge. Now there are four sets of GN Waste Management Systems running at Nabor’s jobsite, where Baker Hudges is providing service.

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