GN Drying Shaker System Completing Commissioning on-site

According to customer’s needs, all equipment shipped from GN factory could be first of all studying the commissioning process before the machine working. Sometimes, for that standard and individual equipment like shale shaker and mud cleaner or mud agitators, the trial test is going to be relative simple, therefore the customer could do on their own. The commissioning from the complete mud system, in order to some clients who don’t know how to operate solids control equipment, they might need GN dispatch engineer for their job site from the first time commissioning.


Before manufacturing the mud system, GN always asks the client to showcase their job site location and expected layout plan. Thus GN’s engineer would design the mud system according to the website area and layout. In the end the gear and hooking up parts shipped to site, the client could assemble the gear extremely fast according to design around the drawing.


Just like proven in below message, the mud cleaner unit is situated between 2 unit shale shakers. This isn’t an ordinary layout for drilling liquids recycling system. After fully consideration around the narrow part of the job site and convenience on hooking up the pipeline, GN’s engineering team suggested a strategy to place the cyclone unit between your shakers, the mud out of the well could be given individually into 2 unit shakers, after that it will pump towards the cyclone unit for more treatment.


GN’s shaker deck is locked throughout transportation, prior to the trial running, the operator need fixed the shale shaker on the top from the mud tank and unlock the deck. The vibration motor is originating from famous label Martin with explosion proof standard for thought on safety.


Simple structure is among the options that come with the GN’s shale shaker; the consumer can certainly master how you can operate it and perform the commissioning themselves. Concerning the control panel, GN provides electric diagram, the operator can begin and switch from the shale shaker without an excessive amount of electrical understanding.

594 Shale Shaker 1

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