GN mud agitator for mud tanks in drilling fluids solids control system

GN Solids Control mud agitator is designed for stirring drilling mud and slurries in an open tank. GN Solids Control makes vertical mud agitator and horizontal mud agitator for various kinds of mud tank, especially used for drilling mud solids control system.

The main function of mud agitator used in a drilling mud solids control equipment is to stirring drilling mud, to prevent drilling fluids from settle down. In this case, the solids and liquid phase of drilling fluids can be mixed equally, the viscosity and density are qualified to meet the standard of drilling activity.

After ensure the drilling mud qualified, pumps can be used to pump drilling mud from one tank to separation equipment, like feed to shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, degasser, decanter centrifuge, or other processing equipment. Mud agitator is also used in drilling mud mixing system.

GN mud agitator utilizes heavy duty Helical Bevel reducer. Compared with normal design worn and gearbox agitator, it has the following characteristics:

A) The helical gear reducer has the advantages of compact structure, good meshing performance and reliable operation.
B) The helical gear reducer runs smoothly and has low noise.
C) The gear surface of the helical gear reducer has a large coincidence degree, which reduces the load of each pair of gears and improves the loading capacity of the gears.
D) The helical gear reducer and explosion-proof motor are suitable to work under harsh conditions in the field.
E) The explosion-proof motor is directly connected to the input shaft of the reducer through an elastic coupling instead of a belt drive, so the speed of the agitator impeller is constant.
F) The stirring intensity is large, the spread range is wide, and the structural design can prevent the motor from current overload during starting.
G) The explosion-proof is replaced horizontally, which is convenient for to be placed, installed, or replaced.

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