Mobile Solidification Unit for Drilling Cuttings treatment

Recently, a client contacted GN Solids Control to inquire for a Fixation compact unit on the trailer. The client want the Cutting treatment plant to be a Mobile Solidification Unit. The Mobile Solidification Unit will content 2 modulars:

The client want the first modular includes following:
1) 1 set flat tank with 1 set agitator and 1 ea mud gun.
2) 1 slurry centrifugal pump to circulate on closed loop
3) 1 shale shaker on top of the tank to remove solids

Automatic Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit for CNPC Project

Automatic Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit for CNPC Project

The client want the second modular includes following items:
1) The shale shaker from the first modular will discharge solids into the second compartment.
2) 2 boxes (1 for cement and 1 for lime storage) dropping mix into one compartment for solidification
Based on clients request, GN Solids Control recommended below items and equipment

For skid #1 GN Solids Control recommends:
1) 1 ea slurry tank 15m³, dimension can be 5×2.2×2.15m. In this case, the tank can be put into container for international shipment.
2) 1 ea 4-panel shale shaker model GNZS594F-SHBF (
3) 1 ea 11kw (15hp) mud agitator, model GNJBQ110-DD, with double payer impellers and tank stabilizer at tank bottom.
4) GN Solids Control company does not recommend mud gun, as there is no pump line in the slurry tank, there is no feed for the mud gun. It cannot be used.

Besides all above equipment, GN Solids Control recommend a transfer pump to feeding for the shale shaker, transfer the slurry from the tank to outside system. The exact pump power depends on client’s request, normally, a 11kw or 7.5kw slurry pump should be fine for the drilling cuttings treatment plant.

2) 1 EA 36ft screw conveyor GNSC14A-36 can be used to collect cuttings from shale shaker and feed to the modular #2 solidification unit.

3) For modular #2 the solidification unit, GN Solids Control recommends his drill cuttings solidification unit:
Client will only need the Lime storage tank & mixing tank skid. They do not need the drilling waste collection hopper and auger.

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