Oily sludge processing system & Sand washing system for MENA region

2 sets of waste management processing system has left GN Solids Control Beijing factory and was dispatched to Tianjin sea port. The 2 sets waste treatment system is for a client from MENA region. The client is very happy with GN turnkey solution in this field. They compared different processing technology and finally decided to put GN Solids Control in his honour.
The 2 sets waste management was designed to suitable for container shipment. It means every item of the 2 processing systems can be put into container for ocean shipment.
The complete set oily sludge separation system and sand washing system was out into 9 ea 40ft high container. They will arrive the client’s yard around 40 days.

Big bowl decanter centrifuge

Big bowl decanter centrifuge

What will the 2 sets waste management processing system be used for?
One set of the system we call it oily sludge processing system. It was used to treat the oily sludge waste with 20PCT solids and soil phase.
Main equipment of the oily sludge processing system: vacuum pump to transfer the raw material to treating system, High G drying shale shaker with deck sealing device, big bowl decanter centrifuge with high speed, chemical dosing system with the function of 3 types of chemical dosing, more importantly, there is an 3-phase separation system after above mentioned equipment. It is used to separate the water, oil and soil.
The second system is a sand washing system. It can be used to remove the high solids content oily waste. The no. 2 sand washing system is very similar to the no. 1 oily sludge separation system, but the processing technology is different. And there is no shale shaker and the transfer equipment is different.
Furthermore, GN Solids Control offered high quality drill cuttings container for the 2 systems. The cuttings and solids container is suitable for offshore application.
When the 2 waste processing systems arrive client’s jobsite, GN Solids Control will send engineers to help for the commissioning of the 2 systems. And also offer trainer to the client’s operators to help them know how to operator and systems and how to maintain each equipment.

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