Operation procedures of Hydraulic (FHD) decanter centrifuge

FHD decanter centrifuge is precision separation decanter centrifuge with high speed rotating up to 3600RPM. As there are logical protection on the control panel for the FHD decanter centrifuge, operators are requested to start and stop the centrifuge accordance with the right Operation procedures.

Below are the procedures to start the FHD centrifuge. It is different with VFD centrifuge operation procedures.

1. Connect the main power supply to the FHD centrifuge control panel.

2. Turn the bowl speed adjustment handle and gearbox speed adjustment handle on the hydraulic control panel clockwise to close it. And then rotate the gearbox speed adjustment handle counterclockwise to open it at around 1/3 stroke position. Turn on the main power switch and power control switch, make sure that the emergency stop button is in the reset state.

3. Turn on the conveyor start switch on the electrical control panel, rotate the conveyor speed adjustment handle counterclockwise, observe the conveyor flow meter on the hydraulic control panel, and observe the conveyor speed on the control panel to adjust the conveyor speed to the demanded work Value.

4. Turn on the bowl start switch on the electrical control panel, then rotate the bowl speed control handle on the hydraulic control panel, observe the bowl flowmeter on the hydraulic control panel, and observe the bowl speed on the electrical control box to adjust the bowl speed to the value needed for actual work.

5. Start the feed screw pump motor until it runs normally.

6. Gradually open the feed valve to achieve the required processing capacity (do not suddenly open the feed valve).

Operators should follow below procedures to shut down the FHD decanter centrifuge and its feeding screw pump:

1. Stop the feeding pump and close the feeding pipe valves.

2. Open the flush valve and let the centrifuge continue to run for 5-10 minutes. Observe the liquid outlet. When the outlet liquid is clear and the solids discharge port no longer discharges solids, close the cleaning valve to finish the flush.

3. Stop the bowl.

The bowl can be stopped only after the feed pump is stopped for 200s.

4. Stop the conveyor.

The conveyor can be stopped after the bowl is stopped for 20s.

5. Disconnect the pre-stage power.

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