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How to order the right dewatering decanter centrifuge unit

Decanter centrifuge is very popular to be used together with chemical dosing system for dewatering treatment. The dewatering decanter centrifuge unit is widely used for waste water treatment and oil sludge treatment.

But how to choose the right model and right size dewatering centrifuge unit to suit for a certain applications? There are some questions for preparing accurate quotation:

1) Mostly, the chemical dosing dewatering system will be located at safety area. Non-explosion proof is enough. Can you accept non-explosion proof? 

2) If it is must to be explosion proof, can you accept CNEx (China National Explosion proof) for chemical dosing system inside the container?

Or is it must ATEX or IECEx standard? Price and leading time varies greatly when the explosion proof standard is different.

As the chemical dosing dewatering unit is allocated inside a fabricated container. While the decanter centrifuge and centrifuge feeding pump locate outside the container. Sometimes, clients accept CNEx standard chemical dosing dewatering unit, and the decanter centrifuge and centrifuge feeding pump can be ATEX Zone 1 or IECEx zone 1. 

3) Some regions and areas the temperature is high. GN Solids Control will suggest equipping Air Conditioner for the container. The Air Conditioner can be CNEx / ATEx / IECEx standard for Zone 1, and it can also suit for +55C degree? 

For example, GN standard 20ft containerized chemical dosing system equipped with A/C, the PAM Polymer dosing pump capacity is 1200L/Hr. The PAC Coagulant dosing pump is 500L/Hr. The dosing pump speed are both adjustable. If clients need customized dosing capacity, welcome to contact GN sales engineers.

4) What is the right size decanter centrifuge the client want for the chemical dosing system: 14 inch centrifuge, 18 inch centrifuge or 22 inch decanter centrifuge are the most popular for dewatering treatment. 

Vertical mount Oil field poor boy degasser for mud gas separation

Vertical mount Oil field mud gas separator also called as poor boy degasser. Similar as fire foam system, Oil field poor boy degasser is a kind of safety device for oil and gas drilling rig mud systems.

Vertical mount Oil field mud gas separator has been used with choke manifold, BOP, and usually it is complies with gas igniter, to deal with the free gas invaded into the active drilling fluids, especially for drilling fluids with H2S or drilling holes not well balanced. Normally, the oil field poor boy degasser is used after choke manifolds / BOP, and before mud system shale shaker. After the Oil field poor boy degasser, the invaded gas will be discharged in 2 ways:

Firstly, the invaded gas will be discharged in to atmosphere via a long vent pipe on top of the poor boy degasser. We call it atmosphere poor boy degasser. But it is not big, as sometimes there maybe H2S inside the invaded gas, which is hazardous to human beings.

Another gas treatment way is more popular: the invaded gas will be lead to a place a little far away from the mud gas separation through extended vent line under the degasser. The vent line can be 50 ~ 100m away, it depends on the jobsite layout. There will be a fire igniter near the vent line outlet. GN Solids Control fire igniter is automatic type, it fires at setup frequency to fire the hazardous gas from mud gas separator.

The drilling mud from mud gas separator will flow into solids control shale shakers. As there are normally more than 1 shale shaker inside a solids control mud system, so before the mud flows into shale shaker, it will flow into a distribution box, or distribution pipelines, and then through the distribution box or pipelines, mud be divides into each shale shaker.

GN Solids Control makes 3-panel and 4-panel shale shakers for mud processing after poor boy degasser. The shale shaker can be linear motion or dual motion. GN Solids Control also can make 3-way, 4-way and 5-way compact design distribution box for shale shaker mud distribution.

GN Solids Control, as a professional manufacturer for drilling mud solids control equipment makes different sizes of poor boy degasser. GN Solids Control makes 24 inch ID, 40 inch OD, and 42 inch OD mud gas separator to suit for all kinds of oil rig mud system.

Centrifugal pump for oil and gas Drilling mud system

Centrifugal pump is also named a sand pump. It is a very standard transfer device for water, oil sludge, drilling mud and other liquid flowable materials. There are many different brands of centrifugal pump manufacturer all over the world.

On oil and gas drilling field, centrifugal pump is widely used as trip pump, feeding pump for desander, desilter, mud cleaner, or decanter centrifuge. Centrifugal pump is also used a mixing pump together with mixing hopper or sharing hopper. Or used as transfer pump to transfer material from one tank to another.

GN Solids Control makes centrifugal pumps which are mainly used for oil and gas drilling, our pumps have higher material standard than others. Below are some difference of GN brand centrifugal pumps with other brands:

1) GN Pump casing and impeller are made from hard ductile iron alloy with increased abrasion resistant capability; While other brands are made from ductile iron or even gray iron. It enables a longer servicing time for drilling mud transfer.

2) GN pump is made by precision casting; It is much better than other brands which are made from sand casting.

3) GN pump skid is made from casting; while other brand skids are made from welding. And GN pump coupling cover is stainless steel, while others are carbon steel.

The casting skids provide reliable operation and less vibration in a result to extend the pump and motor life.

4) The motor brand we choose China leading manufacturer, they are also OEM of ABB motors.

Drilling cuttings transfer pump feed for vertical cuttings dryer

Screw conveyor is the most popular transfer equipment to collect drill cuttings from solids control shale shaker, mud cleaner, and feed to vertical cuttings dryer. While using screw conveyor auger to feed for vertical cuttings dryer, normally at least 2 screw conveyor augers will be used.

Firstly, there will be a screw conveyor located in horizontal to collect drill cuttings from solids control mud system separation equipment, mostly, from shale shaker, desander, desilter and mud cleaner. After the horizontal screw conveyor, a second screw conveyor will be located inclined to transfer drilling cuttings from the horizontal screw conveyor and feed to the top feeding hopper on the top of vertical cuttings dryer.

Besides screw conveyor, Drilling cuttings transfer pump is another popular feeding device for vertical drilling cuttings dryer. Drilling cuttings transfer pump collect drill cuttings to its tank hopper, and use hydraulic power to push the drill cuttings to separation equipment, like vertical cuttings dryer, or to waste pits. But Drilling cuttings transfer pump is not self-suction pump. It can only collect drilling cuttings which can fall down into the holding tank. It cannot suction drill cuttings from waste pits.

Vacuum sludge transfer pump is another transfer pump which can feed for vertical cuttings dryer. It is a 100% air driven pump, need big air consumption. And it is a self-suction pump. Vacuum sludge transfer pump can transfer mud from solids control system, or suction material from waste pits and feed to separation equipment.

GN Solids Control can make screw conveyor, drill cuttings transfer pump, vacuum sludge pump, and vertical cuttings dryer to treat drill cuttings. Besides these equipment, GN Solids Control is capable to make other waste management equipment, like decanter centrifuge, big bowl centrifuge, high G drying shale shaker, solidification unit, dewatering unit, oil water separator, oil sludge separation system, etc…

Drilling fluids Mud Cleaner for Offshore

Mud cleaner is a basic drilling mud separation equipment for various drilling activites. It is used after solids control shale shaker. Last week, Some sets of mud cleaner are ready for delivery from GN Solids Control Beijing factory.

The mud cleaners are specially designed for offshore rigs. Compared with normal onshore mud cleaner, the offshore mud cleaner with special design to suit for DNV2.1-1 lifting standard to meet offshore requestment.

Mud cleaner utilizes desander and desilter hydro cyclones to separation a certain sizes of solids phase. It is a combination of shale shaker, desander and desilter. The most popular desander cyclone is 10 inch. The 10 inch desander cone can remove particles above 47 microns. The most popular desilter cone is 4 inch. The 4 inch cone can separate solids to 27 microns. In some cases 12 inch desanter cone and 5 inch desilter cone may be used, but very few.

The hydro cyclones incorporate a precise combination of proportions, angles, ratios, and materials to optimize separation of solids from the feed material. In normal operation, feed slurry is introduced tangentially into the interior of the hydro cyclone at high velocity causing a whirlpool effect to occur inside the cone. The swirling motion of the slurry drives the larger, denser particles outward against the cone wall while the smaller, lighter particles move toward the center of the cone.

The low-pressure vortex at the center of the cone pulls in the excess liquid and small particles, as well as drawing in air through the apex at the lower discharge end of the cone. The high-velocity air stream aids the upward flow of liquid and small particles toward the cone’s upper discharge, while the spiraling stream of liquid and larger particles flows downward along the cone wall toward the lower discharge. Large solids leaving the lower discharge may be further processed for removal of remaining small particles and liquid, while the upper discharge from the hydrocyclone is often routed to desilters having 4-inch hydrocyclones for removal of finer particles.

Besides mud cleaner, GN Solids Control is capacity to make shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mixing system, cuttings skips and other separation equipment with DNV2.7-1 lifting certificate for offshore rigs.